Returning officer’s report on motions to AGM 2022

Motion For Against Result 1 That any submissions IBRA makes will only represent the majority view of Island Bay residents 48.2% 51.8% Motion did not pass 2 That IBRA surveys the residents of Island Bay (including beyond the newsletter membership of IBRA) and then publish a paper on how the residents of Island Bay wouldContinue reading “Returning officer’s report on motions to AGM 2022”

Island Bay Residents Association Election Results

The following persons were elected to the Committee yesterday evening: Sonya Cameron Fran de Gregorio Ben Everist Bruce Gadd Ruby Ghanem Sheila Hart Catherine Inder Mark Henderwood Jelle Keizer Jeff Macdonald Sally Page Pat Vinaccia Chris Wratt We wish to thank the unsuccessful candidates for their contribution to this process. It took a tremendous amountContinue reading “Island Bay Residents Association Election Results”

Chair’s report to AGM 2022

The Association has had a very busy last 15 months. Here is a taste of some of our activities. The Long Term Plan The Association is developing a long-term plan as to how Island Bay could look like in the future. The possibilities are endless. We have begun some preliminary discussions regarding upgrading the shoppingContinue reading “Chair’s report to AGM 2022”