Annual General Meeting Monday 17th October 2022


Committee for 2023 Agreed (no election)

  • Riki Anderson
  • Sonya Cameron
  • Ben Everist
  • Sheila Hart
  • Mark Henderwood
  • Catherine Inder
  • Jeff McDonald
  • Andrew Lourantos
  • Sally Page
  • Kirsty Smith
  • Chris Wratt

Results of voting on submitted motions

AGM Agenda (updated 12/10 with new zoom details)

Committee nominations

  1. Sheila Hart (Current Chair)
  2. Sonya Cameron (Current Secretariat)
  3. Catherine Inder (Current Secretariat)
  4. Sally Page (Current Secretariat)
  5. Jeff McDonald (Current Treasurer)
  6. Ben Everist (Current Committee member)
  7. Mark Henderwood (Current Committee member)
  8. Chris Wratt (Current Committee member)
  9. Riki Anderson
  10. Andrew Lourantos
  11. Kirsty Smith

The number of nominations is less than 13, the maximum number that can be on the committee. No election for committee positions is required.

Motions Submitted

All motions submitted relate to constitution updates, attempting to deal with some ambiguity that became apparent at the last AGM.
How to vote on these motions:

  1. Online voting option here: IBRA AGM Online Vote
  2. Submit a vote by proxy using the proxy form (this must be in the hands of a committee member by 7pm on the 17th of October)
  3. Attend the AGM and complete your vote there

2022 AGM Proxy Vote

Meeting Papers

  1. Chairs report
  2. Financial Report
  3. Community Survey Results

Summary of key dates

Monday, 5 SeptemberCall for nominations and notices of motion
11.59 pm Sunday, 25 SeptemberNominations for committee submission deadline
Notices of Motions submission deadline
Monday, 3 OctoberAGM agenda published
11.59 pm, Sunday, 16 OctoberMust be registered as a member to vote
7 pm, Monday 17 OctoberProxy votes submission deadline 
7-9 pm, Monday 17 October AGM
No later than Friday, 21 OctoberResults of nominations and notices published

The IBRA Committee will publish the Agenda for the AGM no later than Monday, 3 October 2022. 

Membership and Voting

Anyone who is a resident or operates a business in Island Bay and Southgate (See here for boundaries) can be an IBRA member. To become a member people need to register with IBRA by: 

  • signing up on the IBRA webpage – Become a member 
  • providing their name, email and street address to 
  • calling  a member of the Secretariat – Catherine Inder on 027 292 4525

Anyone who is an IBRA member at 11.59 pm on Sunday, 16 October 2022 is eligible to vote at the AGM. 


The Constitution allows for a total of 13 Committee Members. The Agenda will include the names of those nominated to be Committee Members of the IBRA Committee and the Notices of Motion for consideration by members attending the AGM. 

The Committee Members will elect the office holders at the first Committee meeting following the AGM. The office holders are Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Nominations for a position on the committee

Nominations to the IBRA Committee must be emailed to by 11.59pm on Sunday, 25 September 2022. 

Nominations can be made by any current IBRA member. IBRA Members can nominate themselves. There is no need for anyone to second the nomination. 

A Nomination form is attached as an Appendix to this Information Sheet. 

Notices of Motion

Notices of Motion for consideration at the AGM must be emailed to by 11.59 pm on Sunday, 25 September 2022.

A Notice of Motion can be proposed by any current IBRA member. There is no need for anyone to second the motion. 

A Notice of Motion form is attached as an Appendix to this Information Sheet.

Proxy Votes

Members may vote at the AGM by proxy.

The IBRA Committee will provide a proxy voting form as soon as possible once all nominations have been received (noting that the call for nominations closes at 11.59 pm on Sunday, 25 September 2022). 

The proxy voting form will be emailed to members and available on the IBRA website.

Proxy votes will be accepted up to 7.00 pm on 17 October 2022, the day of the AGM. 


The IBRA Committee will appoint a facilitator to conduct the election of Committee Members and consideration of the Notices of Motion at the AGM.

The IBRA Committee will also appoint independent scrutineers to count the votes cast at the election and determine whether the vote cast is by someone entitled to vote (i.e. a member at 5.00 pm on Sunday, 16 October 2022). 

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