Committee Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Island Bay Residents Association (IBRA) committee (the Committee) is to act in accordance with the Island Bay Residents Association Constitution and to fulfil the eight Objects of the Constitution. This Code of Conduct provides a set of values to guide Committee decision-making in
fulfilling the objects of the Constitution, and a set of responsibilities so that the Committee knows what is expected of them.

All Committee members agree to sign and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Where any resident of Island Bay considers a Committee member to have breached the Code of Conduct, they can bring this to the attention of the Chair.

Our Values:

  • Respect: We are respectful towards each other. We treat all people’s views and opinions as important.
  • Inclusion: We work for the benefit of all groups in Island Bay. A connected community is a strong community.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity. We are fair, impartial, honest and professional.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Building bridges: We strengthen our community through building understanding, cohesion and connection. We support community diversity and encourage Island Bay residents to be considerate to each other.
  • Leading by example: We model our values through our behaviour in both meetings and public forums. Our committee meetings, correspondence, and public engagement are welcoming and respectful, and people feel safe to speak. We encourage respectful discussion and the healthy expression of differences of opinion.
  • Building understanding of all groups: We make sure we understand the wishes and priorities of Island Bay residents including mana whenua and businesses, and groups who may experience challenges participating. We consider the differing impacts on these groups and ways to ensure their voices are heard.
  • Consulting on submissions: If making submissions on behalf of Island Bay, we always undertake an open and well-publicised consultation with residents and document the consultation process undertaken.
  • Collective responsibility for IBRA views: Generally, it will be the Chair who publicly represents IBRA. If not the Chair, we seek input from the Committee first. We all take collective responsibility by reflecting on agreed IBRA positions and views. Our positions are impartial – we ensure that all ideas and viewpoints in Island Bay are heard and represented. We do not make decisions on behalf of Island Bay.
  • Separating personal views: When representing our personal or professional views and interests in any public forums, we make clear these are separate from Committee views.
  • Disclosure of conflicting interests: We disclose any conflicts of interest (personal, business, community or professional) that arise, and if deemed appropriate by the Chair, step down from involvement in a particular discussion or decision.
  • Avoiding personal gain: We strictly avoid using our position as a Committee member, or any information or knowledge gained through membership of the Committee, for personal gain, advantage or benefit. This includes handing overall information and platforms relating to IBRA
  • when a committee member leaves the Committee.
  • Stewardship of public funds: We are responsible stewards of public funds.
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