The Committee usually meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday* of
the month. The meeting starts at 7pm
and will finish by 8.30pm.

*Please note there has been a recent change (early 2023) in meeting day from the 1st Monday of the month

The first half of the meeting is ‘in committee’, and closed, the second half is open for anyone to attend.

In 2023 we aim to have 2-3 community meetings, the aim of these is to provide relevant updates on what is happening in the bay or wider city that is of relevance. These will be publicised to encourage community attendance.

The AGM is held towards the end of the year, where the year is summarised and motions/elections are voted for by current members.

A meeting agenda will be published in advance of the meeting and
minutes will be published after the meeting. These will be available to
view on this website.

Should you wish to raise anything with the committee you can email us or
talk to any one of the committee members.

Community attendance at the meeting

  • You are welcome to raise issues during ‘any other business’.
  • Please be respectful towards others.

Acknowledgement to WCC for funding that is used towards the cost of venue hire.

Upcoming Meetings


13/02/2023Committee Meeting
Island Bay Community Centre
06/03/2023Committee Meeting
Island Bay Community Centre
12/04/2023Committee Meeting
St Hilda’s Church
03/05/2023Community Update Meeting
WS Baptist Church
14/06/2023Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s Church
12/07/2023Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s Church
09/08/2023Community Update Meeting
13/09/2023Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s Church
08/11/2023Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s Church


04/04/2022Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s
02/05/2022Committee MeetingSt Hilda’s
13/06/2022Committee Meeting
20220613 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
04/07/2022Committee Meeting
20220704 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
01/08/2022Committee Meeting
20220801 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
05/09/2022Committee Meeting
20220905 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
03/10/2022Committee Meeting
20221003 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
17/10/2022Annual General Meeting
20221017 AGM Agenda
Wellington South Baptist Church
07/11/2022Committee Meeting
20221107 IBRA Agenda
Island Bay Community Center
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