Annual General Meeting March 2022

9th March Returning Officer report on motions to AGM 2022

8th March Island Bay Residents Association Election Results

The following persons were elected to the Committee yesterday evening

Sonya Cameron

Fran De Gregorio

Ben Everist

Bruce Gadd

Ruby Ghanem

Shelia Hart

Catherine Inder

Mark Henderwood

Jelle Keizer

Jeff Macdonald

Sally Page

Pat Vinaccia

Chris Wratt

We wish to thank the unsuccessful candidates for their contribution to this process.

It took a tremendous amount of time to count the election last night and the motions are still to be counted. They will be counted by the same scrutineers tonight and the results will be shared in a similar way tomorrow.

Full results will be published in due course.

7th March AGM Chairs Report

Chairs Report read to the attendees of the AGM held 7th March 2022

Welcome to the Island Bay Residents Association Annual General Meeting. You will recall this meeting was due to be held in November 2021 but was postponed because of a Covid scare.

I’d like to extend a special welcome to our local Councillor Fleur Fitzsimmons. Thank you for attending.

The AGM brings together residents and businesses to talk about the issues facing Island Bay and to elect a committee to represent those views to Council.

This year we have an unprecedented number of candidates for the Committee which has resulted in the need for an election. It is great that we have so many people wanting to become involved.

We have also had an unprecedented number of motions put to the AGM. Most I suspect are to do with the Association and discussions within Council regarding the future of the Island Bay Cycleway. The Council is to make decisions on the cycleway on Thursday10 March.

There has also been a lot of discussion and misinformation regarding the AGM, and the Committee circulating specifically through social media.

A few things people should be aware of.

· The primary role of a Residents Associations is to be the conduit between the Residents and the City Council on issues facing their community.

· The Island Bay Residents Association is one of many Resident Associations in Wellington and is part of the Wellington Resident Associations Network. The Regional Network meet monthly to talk about issues facing our communities and our city. I would advise the incoming Committee that Island Bay is due to chair the April WRAN meeting.

· We have received several requests from people outside the suburb to join the Island Bay Resident Association. They have been advised to join the Residents Associations that represent their own suburb.

· The Island Bay Residents Association receives no funding from Council to provide this service. Everything we do is undertaken voluntarily. The Current committee of seven spend many hours of voluntary time attending meetings and undertaken tasks. We do not have the resources or finances to undertake huge surveys, zoom meetings for the entire community.

· The current committee is reflective of the community – The Current Committee was elected in November 2020. On average the Committee members have lived in Island Bay for more than 20 years. Two members have lived in Island Bay their whole life. We have three women and four men. Ethnic backgrounds include Māori, Italian, Shetland Island. Two of our committee have businesses in Island Bay, three work for businesses, we have a couple of public servants and one retired person. Our committee includes a strong advocate for cycleways. I hope the incoming committee is as diverse.

· Claims have been made on social media that the Committee is dysfunctional This is far from the truth. WE are a highly functional committee even with the diverse opinions within the group. The South Coast Arts Trail is testament to this.

· It has also been suggested we are anti cyclist! Again, this is far from the truth. We have always advocated strongly for the retention of cycleways that do not compromise the safety of other road and footpath users.

The Committee is very aware that there are issues with the current constitution, and I am pleased to announce that Lawyer and resident of Island Bay Michael Hofman-Body has agreed to assist the incoming Committee to review the Constitution.

I would also take this opportunity to thank Michael for all the hours of work he has put in to help organise this AGM. Michael is our chief returning officer and has organised the scrutineers and vote counters.

The Association has had a very busy last 15 months. Here is a taste of some of our activities.

The Long Term Plan

The Association is developing a long-term plan as to what we would like Island Bay to look like in the future.

We have begun some preliminary discussions regarding upgrading the shopping area, the development of the library and the development of a business hub. The Pandemic has raised several issues as to the way and where and how we now undertake work.

We want to ensure that Island Bay businesses are supported and grow and that residents have access to all the services they need thereby reducing the need to travel outside the suburb.

We have an aging population in Island Bay, and we want to ensure we support them and their needs.

Over the next 12 months we hope to develop this long-term vision into a practical plan which we can work with Council to implement.

We have also had some preliminary discussions with the Greater Regional Council regarding a bus link between Island Bay and Kilbirnie.

South Coast Arts Trail

The highlight would have to be the inaugural South Coast Arts Trail. Many thanks must go to Neal Palmer who bought the idea to the Association and has been a very important member of the team, to the Association’s secretary Jane Byrne who as Neal says took the idea to the next level. Also, thanks to other members of the Committee, Lorraine Edwards who organised all the signage, David Bolt for tirelessly working to promote the event around the city, Pat Vinaccia for offering up the Empire as one of the key destinations on the Trail. It is amazing what a small team can achieve.

We would also like to thank the Council for the grants they provided to get this project off the ground and Tullalah Farrar our designer for the amazing design of our posters and the booklet. To all the 100’s of artists that took part from the kids at Island Bay School and St Francis de Sales to some of our older artists like Sal Criscillo and Joe Bleakly it has been a real team effort. Hopefully, we will be back next year bigger and even better.

Island Bay Cycle Way Upgrade

The issues around the Cycleway continue to dominate discussions in the Island Bay Community.

I am aware that many of you are frustrated that your views are not being taken seriously by the Council.

In 2016 the Council, with minimal consultation, moved the cycleway from the outside of the parked cars to the inside. It was obvious from the outset there were problems with this design. In 2017 the Council put up four options to help solve the issues that had arisen. The Association after consulting with the community put up a fifth option – to turn it back to how it was in pre the “upgrade”. The submissions were put to the Community by the Council and 87% of the Island Bay residents who submitted supported the fifth option to return The Parade to how it was pre-2016. Given the over whelming support for the fifth option the Association has been obliged to continue to support that option.

In 2021 the Council after pressure from the Community once asked for submissions re an upgrade to The Parade. The two options to be discussed were a $14million upgrade or $4.0 million. Once again, the Council refused to discuss the Community preference for the return to pre-2016. The Council by the Chair casting vote – voted for a $4.0 million upgrade which included the removal of between 80-100 parks from The Parade. Council once again went to the Community asking for submissions. The Council received over 1200 submissions with 57% strongly opposed to what the Council was suggesting and further 9% opposed (a total or (66%). Twenty-five percent of submitters strongly supported the Councils proposal and a further 7% supported (32%). The Council will decide the outcome on Thursday 10 March.

The Association has come under a lot of criticism from some parts of the Community for the Associations support for what it believes to be the majority of Island Bay Businesses and Residents views. Some of the resolutions to be discussed at this year’s AGM reflect that criticism. The Association makes no apology for supporting the majority view.

In conclusion

I want to thank the current Committee for all their hard work over the last 15 months. Thanks to our Secretary Jane for the enormous numbers of hours she puts in. To our honorary Treasurer Maria who at last we could put to work managing the grants from the Council to develop the South Coast Arts Trail.

You have all done an amazing job and I for one am immensely proud to be involved.


Bruce Gadd

4th March Email update

Re: AGM Monday 7th March Island Bay Bowling Club final information update

We are expecting a big turn out at the AGM given the number of nominees and motions received. We are going to ensure that the committee, the nominees and any one who supported a motion are given the opportunity to be present. This will mean that there will be very few places for others so we do encourage you to make a proxy vote if you want to ensure your opinion is communicated. There will be someone outside the bowling club in the hour prior to the AGM to collect any last minute proxies.

If you are unsure if your proxy will be present at the meeting you can give your proxy to the chair and your proxy vote will be counted.

There have been some queries regarding how the voting process will be overseen. We have asked a mix of people including a solicitor, a barrister, a JP, a long standing member o the community and a local GP to count the votes. The process will be overseen by a senior member of the electoral commission to ensure best process. It is our hope and intention that the results will be known and announced at the meeting.

Thank you all for your interest in the community.”

Reminder notes:

Proxy votes

Proxy votes can be dropped off at the Island Bay Library reception desk during usual opening hours up until midday on 7 March 2022.

Proxy votes can also be delivered to the secretary (in accordance with the Constitution) at the Island Bay Bowling club from 6pm to 7pm on 7 March 2022.

We are operating at Red Alert Levels Protocols!

All people attending this meeting must sign in by using the QR Code system and show their vaccine passports. Masks are to be worn at all times.

February AGM Announcement

The Island Residents Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held on Monday 7 March – 7pm at the Island Bay Bowling Club.

The AGM brings together residents and businesses to talk about the issues facing Island Bay and to elect a committee to represent those views to Council.

This year we have an unprecedented number of candidates for the Committee which has resulted in the need for an election. It is great that we have so many people wanting to help. Attached is a quick bio of each candidate. We are looking for a diverse range of people who truly represent the diverse population of Island Bay.

A few things people should be aware of. The Island Bay Business and Residents’ Association has no funding. Everything we do is undertaken voluntarily. Most of the Committee spend many hours of voluntary time attending meetings and undertaking practical tasks.

The Association is also part of the Wellington Residents’ Associations Network. This Regional Network meet on a monthly basis to talk about issues facing our communities and our city.


There have been 18 nominations for the Committee.  There are 13 places available including the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.  Bruce Gadd, who is the current chairperson, has been nominated for chairperson and Jane Byrne who is the current Secretary has been nominated for Secretary.  There have been no nominations for the role of Treasurer.

It has been proposed by the current Committee (with the consent of the only nominees for Chairperson and Secretary) that the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer roles are filled by the new Committee.  A motion has been received that the Constitution be amended in this regard. The Committee seeks the support of members that the election be conducted on the basis that 13 Committee members are elected and the officers’ roles are elected by the committee as previously.  If there are any objections to this proposal the Committee asks that the objections be communicated to at the earliest opportunity.  If any objections are received the only nominees for Chairperson and Secretary shall be deemed elected.  Ten Committee members shall then be elected and the position of Treasurer shall be left vacant.  The newly elected Committee shall have the power to appoint a Treasurer as a further Committee member pursuant to clause 14 of the Constitution.

The nominees for the Committee are (in alphabetically order by surname):

Jane ByrneSonya Cameron
Julie CrisfordFran De Gregorio
Lorraine EdwardsBen Everist
Bruce GaddRuby Ghanem
Sheila HartMark Henderwood
Catherine InderJelle Keizer
Jeff McDonaldSally Page
Richard PetersStevie Seddon
Pat VinacciaChris Wratt

Because there are 18 nominees and between 10 and 13 positions to fill an election will be required. Each member will be allowed to vote for up to 13 nominees. Votes for more than 13 nominees will be disregarded.


There have been 11 motions received.  The motions are as follows:

1.That any submissions IBRA makes will only represent the majority view of Island Bay residents
2.That IBRA surveys the residents of Island Bay (including beyond the newsletter membership of IBRA) and then publish a paper on how the residents of Island Bay would like IBRA to meet the 8 Objects of its constitution.
3.That IBRA Committee develops and publish a code of conduct for Committee members (in alignment with the IBRA Constitution), which is then signed by Committee members.
4.That all IBRA Committee meetings are open to all Island Bay residents and the community to attend and contribute, acknowledging the need for in-Committee business.
5.That the Island Bay Residents Association adopts and states an impartial position on the Island Bay Cycleway and the Parade Upgrade. In recognition of the diversity of views in our community and the divisive nature of these issues, we propose that IBRA leadership supports community diversity, and encourages all members to be kind and care for each other.
6.That IBRA Committee always undertakes an open and well-publicised consultation with residents and the wider community of Island Bay before making any submissions on our behalf, and document the consultation process undertaken.
7.That Clause 10(d) allowing proxy votes be deleted from the Constitution.
8.That a new clause 13 (c) be added to the constitution as follows:
No member of the Committee shall reside at the same residential address as another Committee Member and in the event that a Committee Member commences residing at the same address with another Committee Member the said Committee Members shall determine between themselves which Committee member shall resign from the Committee.
9.That the newly elected Committee looks at reducing the number of Committee members to a more manageable number.
10.That IBRA changes its name to “Island Bay Business and Residents Association.
11.That clause 12 should be replaced to read as follows:
12.    Election of Committee and Officers of the Group
a)     The Secretary shall not later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Group call for nominations for the Committee and shall circulate such nominations with notices of the Annual General Meeting.
b)     At the first meeting of the Committee they shall elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from their number to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

Motions 7, 8, 10 and 11 all involve constitutional changes and will require 75% approval to pass.  Each motion can only be voted for in its present form.  Amendments to motions will not be considered as it would unfair to proxy voters.

The Committee considers it important that there is an opportunity to debate the motions at the AGM but is concerned that there may be considerable disagreement on some of the motions.  For that reason, the Committee has invited Kevin Jenkins to facilitate a period of debate.  The facilitator will allow each person who proposed a motion to speak to their motion for a period of up to one (1) minute to set out their reasons for proposing their motion.  It is then proposed that a period of up to three (3) minutes will be allowed for members who are present at the meeting to speak.  Speaking time will be determined by the facilitator. 

As Chairperson I personally note that some of the motions will put significant burdens on the incoming Committee.  The Committee is comprised of volunteers who are often busy and have significant demands on their time.  Further, IBRA has very limited financial resources.  I invite all members to consider the implications of passing each motion on the incoming Committee and the burden that it would place upon them. As Chairperson, I also acknowledge that some of the proposed motions call upon the incoming Committee to enhance their consultation and engagement with the community and I respectfully suggest that should be a priority of the incoming Committee when it first meets. 


To vote at the AGM you need to be a member of IBRA.  IBRA’s membership currently exceeds 800. Please see Become a member – Island Bay Residents’ Association to become a member or to register your full name and residential address in order to be on our membership list to vote. 

As all votes at the AGM will be checked against our membership list we advise that we will only be accepting membership requests up until 5pm on Saturday 5 March 2022 for the purposes of this election.

Voting and Proxies

Voting will be on paper ballots at the AGM.  The Committee recognises that Covid-19 restrictions will make it impossible for everyone to attend the AGM and many will want to cast proxy votes.  Proxy votes will be allowed strictly on the following basis.

  1. Physical proxy forms must be provided to the secretary prior to the AGM.  Proxies can be dropped off at the Island Bay Library reception desk during usual opening hours up until midday on 7 March 2022.  Proxy votes can also be delivered to the secretary (in accordance with the Constitution) at the Island Bay Bowling club from 6pm to 7pm on 7 March 2022.  
  2. The person appointed as the proxy must be present at the AGM.  Given that Covid-19 will restrict numbers proxy votes simply addressed to “the chair” will comply.
  3. Proxy votes must be from a member of IBRA.  The person appointed as proxy must also be a member of IBRA.
  4. Proxy votes must be on the form approved for the AGM and fully completed.

A copy of the approved proxy form is attached to this email and can be downloaded from the IBRA website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the AGM and we are grateful for your contribution and enthusiasm for our wonderful little community.

Kind regards,

Bruce Gadd


Who is an Island Bay Resident?

IBRA has historically included the communities of both Island Bay and Southgate as defined by the WCC.   If you live in or have a business in either of those communities you are entitled to be a member.  As a member, you can vote at the AGM.  If you are unsure of whether your home is in these communities have a look at WCC suburb boundaries.  We note that other neighbouring communities have their own resident’s associations.

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