Returning officer’s report on motions to AGM 2022

1That any submissions IBRA makes will only represent the majority view of Island Bay residents48.2%51.8%Motion did not pass
2That IBRA surveys the residents of Island Bay (including beyond the newsletter membership of IBRA) and then publish a paper on how the residents of Island Bay would like IBRA to meet the 8Objects of its constitution.


Motion Passed
3That IBRA Committee develops and publish a code of conduct for Committee members (in alignment with the IBRA constitution), which is then signed by Committee members.


Motion passed
4That all IBRA Committee meetings are open to all Island Bay residents and the community to attend and contribute, acknowledging the need for in-Committee business.


Motion passed
5That the Island Bay Residents Association adopts and states an impartial position on the Island Bay Cycleway and The Parade Upgrade. In recognition of the diversity of views in our community and the divisive nature of these issues, we propose that IBRA leadership supports community diversity, and encourages all members to be kind and care for each other.


Motion passed
6That IBRA Committee always undertakes an open and well-publicised consultation with residents and the wider community of Island Bay before making any submissions on our behalf, and document the consultation process undertaken.


Motion passed
7That Clause 10(d) allowing proxy votes to be deleted from the Constitution.14.2%85.8%Motion did not pass as75% required
8That a new clause 13 (c) be added to the constitution as follows: No member of the Committee shall reside at the same residential address as another Committee Member and in the event that a Committee Member commences residing at the same address with another Committee Member the said Committee Members shall determine between themselves which Committee member shall resign from the Committee.


Motion did not pass as 75% required
9That the newly elected Committee looks at reducing the number of Committee members to a more manageable number.55.2%44.8%Motion passed
10That IBRA changes its name to “Island Bay Business and ResidentsAssociation.20.0%80.0%Motion did not pass as75% required
11That clause 12 should be replaced to read as follows:
12. Election of Committee and Officers of the Group
The Secretary shall not later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Group call for nominations for the Committee and shall circulate such nominations with notices of the Annual General Meeting. At the first meeting of the Committee they shall elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from their number to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.



Motion passed with more than 75% required.

Motions 7, 8, 10 and 11 all required 75% approval to pass as they involved constitutional change.

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