Minutes of the IBRA AGM 7 March 2022

Chair – Bruce Gadd

Secretary – Jane Byrne


Nominees for Committee – Pat Vinaccia, Stevie Seddon, Shelia Hart,

Barry Brown – President of the Island Bay Bowling Club and host of the meeting and

Councilor Laurie Foon

Apologies accepted – Moved Chair and seconded Jane Byrne

Financial Report

General Account –  balance of $133.00

South Coast Arts Trail Account has a balance of $1,124.97.( Note this amount was given to support the South Coast Arts Coast Trail and can only be used for this purpose.)

Financial report accepted Moved David Bolt Seconded Loraine Edwards.


Election of new Committee

The Chair introduced Kevin Jenkins to facilitate this part of the meeting.

Each of the nominees was asked to introduce themselves to the Committee and meeting attendees.

Given the number of proxy votes received the announcement of the new Committee was delayed till the next day. The Committee was subsequently announced.

Notices of Motions

11 notices of motions were discussed. The motions and the results of the motions are attached. Once again due to the volume of Proxy votes received the results could not be provided till two days after the AGM.

All AGM results have been placed on the Website and emailed out to the Membership once they were made available.

Chair thanked Kevin Jenkins for his facilitation of this part of the meeting.

General Business

No General Business Issues were raised.

Meeting closed at 9:00pm.

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