Island Bay Residents Association Election Results

The following persons were elected to the Committee yesterday evening:

  • Sonya Cameron
  • Fran de Gregorio
  • Ben Everist
  • Bruce Gadd
  • Ruby Ghanem
  • Sheila Hart
  • Catherine Inder
  • Mark Henderwood
  • Jelle Keizer
  • Jeff Macdonald
  • Sally Page
  • Pat Vinaccia
  • Chris Wratt

We wish to thank the unsuccessful candidates for their contribution to this process.

It took a tremendous amount of time to count the election last night and the motions are still to be counted.  They will be counted by the same scrutineers tonight and the results will be shared in a similar way tomorrow.

Full results will be published in due course.


Michael Hofmann-Body

Returnign Officer

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