Chair’s report to AGM 2022

The Association has had a very busy last 15 months. Here is a taste of some of our activities.

The Long Term Plan

The Association is developing a long-term plan as to how Island Bay could look like in the future. The possibilities are endless.

We have begun some preliminary discussions regarding upgrading the shopping area, the development of the library and the development of a business hub. The Pandemic has raised a number of issues as to the way and where we now undertake work.

We want to ensure that Island Bay businesses are supported and grow and that residents have access to all the services they need thereby reducing the need to travel outside the suburb.

We have an aging population in Island Bay, and we want to ensure we support them and their needs.

Over the next 12 months we hope to develop this long-term vision into a practical plan which we can collaborate with the residents, businesses and Council to implement.

South Coast Arts Trail

The highlight would have to be the inaugural South Coast Arts Trail.

Many thanks must go to Neal Palmer who bought the idea to the Association and has been a very important member of the team, to the Association’s secretary Jane Byrne who as Neal says took the idea to the next level. Also, thanks to other members of the Committee, Lorraine Edwards who organised all the signage, David Bolt for tirelessly working to promote the event around the city, Pat Vinaccia for offering up the Empire as one of the key destinations on the Trail. It is amazing what a small team can achieve.

We would also like to thank the Council for the grants they provided to get this project off the ground and Tullalah Farrar our designer for the amazing design of our posters and the booklet. To all the 100’s of artists that took part from the kids at Island Bay School and St Francis de Sales to some of our older artists like Sal Criscillo and Joe Bleakly it has been a real team effort.

Hopefully, we will be back next year bigger and even better.

Island Bay Cycle Way Upgrade

The issues around the Cycleway continues to dominate discussion in the Island Bay Community. I am aware that many of you are frustrated that your views are not being taken seriously by the Council.

In 2016 the Council, with minimal consultation, moved the cycleway from the outside of the parked cars to the inside. It was obvious from the outset there were problems with this design. In 2017 the Council put up 4 options to help solve the issues that had arisen. The Association after consulting with the community put up a 5 th option – to turn it back to how it was in pre the “upgrade”. The submissions were put to the Community by the Council and 87% of the Island Bay residents supported the 5 th option return to how it was pre-2016.

Given the over whelming support for the 5th option the Association has been obliged to support that option.

In 2021 the Council again asked for submissions regarding an upgrade to The Parade. The two options to be discussed were a $14million upgrade or $4.million. Once again, the Council refused to discuss with the Community the preference for the return to pre-2016.

The Council by the chairs casting vote – voted for a $4.0million upgrade which included the removal of between 80-100 parks from The Parade. Council once again in early February 22 went to the Community asking for submissions. The Council received over 1200 submissions with 57% strongly opposed to what the Council was suggesting and a further 9% opposed (a total or (66%). Twenty-five present of submitters strongly supported the Councils proposal and a further 7% supported (32%). The Council will decide the outcome on
10 March of this year.

The Association has come into a lot of criticism from some parts of the Community for the Associations continued support for what it believes to be the majority of Island Bay Businesses and Residents views. Some of the resolutions to be discussed at this year’s AGM reflect that criticism. The association makes no apology for supporting the majority view.

In conclusion

I want to thank the current Committee for all their hard work over the last 15 months. Thanks to our Secretary Jane for the enormous numbers of hours she puts in. To our honorary Treasurer Maria who at last we could put to work managing the grants from the Council to develop the South Coast Arts Trail. You have all done an amazing job and I for one am immensely proud to be involved.

Bruce Gadd

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