Minutes of the IBRA Committee Meeting 8 February 2022

Present: Jane Byrne, Lorraine Edwards, Pat Vinaccia, David Bolt, Stephen Day

Apologies: Janine Hyde.


  1. Submission to the Council re the alternations to the Parade. A draft submission was circulated to the Committee for their information and input. Stephen raised several issues, specifically around the numbers of cyclists using the Cycleway. Also asked if we really believed that the that the Council would revoke the layout of a cycleway that has been in place for 6 years. The Council proposed “upgrade” to  Island Bay Parade includes taking out between 80-100 carparks. The Council is surveying the community on the proposed “upgrade”. At this stage 55% of Island Bay residents strongly oppose what the Council is planning (with a further 8% opposed); 27% strongly support what the Council is proposing. IBRA David Bolt moved the Committee submit the proposal  without the Stephen Day amendments, seconded by Lorraine Edwards. Stephen opposed. Motion passed.
  1. The substantive part of the meeting was to discuss the advice provide Michael Hoffman-Body regarding the AGM. Michael has suggested:
  • That our constitution suggests we must accept proxy votes.
  • That we need to put a motion to the AGM to permit only one member of a household can be nominated for the Committee
  • That we can not appoint an independent chairperson to facilitate the AGM.

The Committee agreed that Proxy votes posed several issues for the Committee. Issues include who is a registered member of IBRA, verification of the proxy votes etc. The committee agreed unanimously that proxy votes should not be accepted. However, we will need some advice as to how that could be achieved. A number of suggestions were made, and it was agreed that the chair go back to the lawyer to discuss options.

It was moved that a motion be put to the AGM that only one member of a household can be nominated for the Committee.

It was also suggested that the Chair could ask for someone to assist with the facilitation of the AGM while remaining chair with the support of the AGM.

  1. Progress on the South Coast Arts Trail was provided by Jane. Huge amount of support from the Community. It is all still on. Some amendments to the programme have had to be made however we are still hanging in there.
  2. Thanks to Stephen for getting the website up to date. Stephen is the administrator of our website. There had been concern expressed from the community that there was no information on the site.

The meeting closed at 7pm.


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