Minutes of IBRA committee meeting 22nd February

Attendees: Bruce, Ben, Janine, David, Pat, Lorraine and Jane

Apologies:  Stephen and Maria


1. Ara Paekawakawa – name for new private ROW confirmed – off Freeling / Rhine – new subdivision

All those present seemed happy with this decision.

2. Stephens submission to Wellington Council Track Network plan for Te Kopahou Reserve – agree to send?

All agreed to send. Jane to action this. Done and WCC have confirmed receipt.

3. Shetland Society of Wellington Centenary Mural project with WCC

Everybody seemed interested in this potential project and an interest to involve the Italian community was expressed. The committee would like to meet with Peter Glensor of the Shetland Society at the next meeting. It was agreed that it was great the IBRA had been approached so early on in the process.

The concept of plaques / history board was discussed rather than a mural.

Jane to be in touch with Peter Glasnor.

4. Island Bay Festival – Bruce to speak

Bruce spoke on this matter and all agreed that the Festival was poorly advertised and could have been organised managed much better. Communications with affected residents on Avon Street and Reef just didn’t happen. General feedback from both retailers and the public was that it was disappointing. I heard complaints from people running “garage sales” that there was just no advertising.

The committee agree to write a formal letter to our 2 local Councillors to express concern and suggest a way forward.

Bruce will put something in writing and share with us for feedback.

The committee expressed a very keen interest to invite Fleur and Laurie to our next committee meeting. They will need to have a list of our questions so they can come prepared.

Please send all / any questions you have to me so I can make a list that we can all agree to before sending out.

5. Website launch

Everyone agreed that this can now go live. Stephen, can you please action.

 I think we could add some more links – namely Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve who are looking for friends and donation.

6. Island Bay Cycleway – Committees position – moving forward 

Bruce is going to work on an agreed media statement (should the committee be asked). He’ll share with the group for feedback.

Important to mention that we are a democratically elected group and some have differing positions – which as part of the democratic process is “healthy”!

7. Email / FB to membership:

Island Bay and Berhampore Community Orchard celebrations event – share on FB due to late notice – this coming weekend

I was in touch with this group today and tickets have sold out – so best not to promote it we decided.

Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve looking for friends and donations – share on FB

People happy to post on FB – Jane to learn to post!

Consultation open draft Wellington Transport Plan

Everyone was sent this email today and it needs to go up on FB (and also be part of the email out to membership) with words of encouragement to look at it and make a submission.

Stephen can we work on some wording around this please?

The Esplanade / Shorland Park to Foreshore – Pedestrian Safety Improvement and Slow Zone

Everyone was sent this email and it needs to go on FB and be part of the membership email as it is a positive win for IBRA.

Membership meeting – 22nd March

Matt from WCC Parks and Reserves to speak on work and design around Shorland Park?

Peter Glasnor – Shetland Society?

Everyone agreed to this date and the speakers. Jane to contact the Bowling Club and guest speakers.

See if Fleur and Laurie available to attend – Jane

General Notes:

This urgent information needs to go up on our FB page pronto.  Jane to urgently learn how to post onto FB!!!!!!

Severn Street Watermain Project:

Note:  Restricted Vehicle Access 2 March 2021 – June 2021


I spoke with Wellington Water today and have asked that they share any further information of works with the Association so we can get it up on FB.

They were very appreciative of the offer.

Next committee meeting proposed:

We need another committee meeting before the Membership meeting on the 22nd March and we will be wanting Fleur and Laurie to attend for a part of it.

I’m just throwing Monday 8th March out there? I’ll email Fleur and Laurie along with Peter Glasnor (Shetland Society) to see if they are available.

Submission on Te Kopahou Draft Network Plan

23 February 2021


  • Bec Ramsay
  • Open Space and Recreation Manager
  • Wellington City Council

Submission on Te Kopahou Draft Network Plan


  1. The Island Bay Residents’ Association democratically represents the views of 7000 Island Bay residents. 
  2. Our constitutional object is to facilitate discussions about the future of Island Bay between residents and the Council. While we do not make decisions on behalf of Island Bay residents we do act as an official representative group to council for receiving and disseminating Council information concerning Island Bay.
  3. Te Kopahou Reserve is one of the largest natural reserves near Island Bay. Many of our residents use the reserve for recreation. The tracks in the reserve link directly to Island Bay through a network of tracks starting at Paekawakawa Reserve, and Manawa Karioi. Both of these link with Tawatawa Reserve and, through that, the Tip Track. 
  4. Te Kopahou Reserve visitors’ centre is also a short and popular coastal walk from Island Bay to Owhiro Bay.

Support for the plan

  1. The Island Bay Residents’ Association supports the city council’s plan to upgrade and enhances the tracks in Te Kopahou Reserve.
  2. We believe the focus on ecologically sustainable tracks will benefit the environment by allowing more people, including trappers, weeders and planters access to the reserve in a managed way.
  3. The improved and extended track networks, with new interpretation signs and facilities, will give South Wellington residents access to an important part of our Māori and colonial history. This will help more people learn about and preserve our history.
  4. According to Sport NZ surveys walking and biking are two of the most popular forms of exercise for New Zealanders. Providing more local and accessible tracks and trails for people will benefit their physical and mental health.
  5. Developing this network of outdoor recreation opportunities means that South Wellington residents have a large natural outdoor facility that matches the large parks available to northern city residents and Hutt Valley residents through the East Harbour, and Belmont Regional Parks and Remutaka Forest Park 
  6. Upgrading the tracks will make them safer for the older members of our community who are also keen to walk these tracks. 
  7. We are excited by the proposal to construct a hut so that trampers, including families and community groups, can experience multi-day outdoor adventures in South Wellington. 
  8. The new Tip Track Trailhead will be an easily accessible local biking option for Island bay residents which they can reach without biking or driving across the city to more distant mountain biking facilities. 
  9. We also are that well-constructed cycle and walking trails can help local economic development. We welcome the potential business opportunities for South Wellington locals that could eventuate from supplying bike services, food and accommodation to visitors to the reserve. 


  1. We support Te Kopahou Draft Track Network Plan. We believe the proposed tracks will provide more opportunities and a better experience for island Bay residents. 

We are happy to talk in support of our submission. Our chairperson is Ben Everist and you can contact us at islandbayres@gmail.com.

Committee report – A new chapter – November 2020

The newly elected Island Bay Residents’ Association committee met for the first time on Monday this week.

It was great to discover that we are a good mix of long term residents and
newbies to the Bay and that together we have a wide range of skills, experiences and ideas we can put to good use for our community.

We’re also keen to build on these strengths and we welcome the involvement of other people in the association too. If you have something you want to bring, an issue you want raised, or and idea for the Bay please let us know. Meanwhile, we will continue to work with the local businesses, community groups and residents to support the great work everyone is doing.

The Residents Association has been involved in some big issues in recent years and we don’t want to lose sight of those issues. However, we’re also keen to pick up on new issues that we have not had a chance to work on in the past.

The Residents Association is a voluntary organisation. So, we want to thank the outgoing committee for their tireless work and our membership who have been so generous, both financially and with their valuable time, in their ongoing support.

The newly elected committee has Ben Everist as its chair, Jane Byrne as secretary and Maria Buchanan as treasurer. We’re also looking at developing new portfolios so we can continue to give the association fresh momentum.

If you want to contact us please do at islandbayres@gmail.com

Follow up from the AGM

Several people left the recent AGM uncertain after voting on two notices. At that meeting, people asked the incoming committee to review those matters and come back to the membership with a plan

We discussed both notices at our first committee meeting and also the process for debating and voting. We didn’t have time to cover the technical details but have resolved to present a plan to the membership at our first meeting in 2021.

We’ve appointed Bruce Gadd to look into this and we will again discuss the matter at our next committee meeting in a couple of weeks.

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