Wellington South Community Patrol

Did you know we have a community patrol? Tom Law is the coordinator and here are some details. If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with Tom via email.

Area WSCP Covers – Operates across the Wellington’s Southern and Eastern suburbs from Brooklyn West and Aro Valley to Seatoun and from Aro Valley/Basin Reserve to the South Coast. The WSCP also covers the CBD, Hataitai , Mt Victoria, Oriental Bay and Roseneath.

What we do:

  • Patrollers
    • Have no police powers
    • Are volunteers giving of their time and observational skills
  • Patrol the streets of the area WSCP  covers
    • 15 active patrollers in a pool of around 25
    • Duration of patrols between 3 and 7 to 9 hours
    • Many streets in that area, and therefore not able to patrol the whole area in one patrol
    • Patrollers choose where they wish to patrol. Suggestions may be made by the Police District Command Centre
  • Report to the NZ police on any issues that patrollers might see that is or might be illegal
  • Report to Council issues within the Council’s area of responsibility (water leaks, slips, graffiti etc)
  • Statistics for 2021
    • Vehicle related – 785 involved
    • Property related – 47 incidents
    • Damaged property – 160 incidents
    • Disorder – 276 incidents
    • People related – 93
    • Special services – 401
    • Kilometres – 11356kms
    • Hours – 1432


  • Patrollers sign into Police Comms each time they patrol
  • Are in effect “employed in a voluntary role” by the Commissioner of Police
  • If patrollers feel threatened they must
    • Withdraw from the area
    • Call police (111) and police officers respond as if the patrollers are police staff

Community Response

  • Communities must take responsibility for crime and the response themselves
  • Report to police
    • If you see anything untoward ring the Police.  Dial 111
    • Do it immediately
    • Don’t complain on Facebook – do that later

Does the Wellington South Community Patrol prevent crime

  • We hope so
  • With our clearly marked vehicle we hope that any person thinking of doing something they shouldn’t do will have a rethink and not do it
  • We report issues of concern and activities of concern to the Police, the Wellington City Council and other authorities
  • We are a voluntary organisation
  • Come and join us
  • We rely on the businesses to cover the costs of patrolling.  We are looking for sponsors the cover those costs
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