Committee Meeting St Hilda’s Church Agenda

Monday 4 April7:00 – 9:00 pm(In committee 7:00 – 8:00 pm)Join Zoom Meeting **Meeting URL: ID: 830 8465 9614 Welcome and apologies Minutes and action points from previous meeting/AGM* Confirm Officeholders and roles* Meeting format and dates for the year Document Storage and Archive Slack/WhatsApp Committee code of conduct* Websitea. Request from Zealandia*b. FBContinue reading “Committee Meeting St Hilda’s Church Agenda”

 Minutes of the IBRA AGM 7 March 2022

Chair – Bruce Gadd Secretary – Jane Byrne Apologies Nominees for Committee – Pat Vinaccia, Stevie Seddon, Shelia Hart, Barry Brown – President of the Island Bay Bowling Club and host of the meeting and Councilor Laurie Foon Apologies accepted – Moved Chair and seconded Jane Byrne Financial Report General Account –  balance of $133.00Continue reading ” Minutes of the IBRA AGM 7 March 2022″