WCC The Parade Traffic Resolutions October 2022

WCC is consulting on two Traffic Resolutions in Island Bay. Head to the WCC website for full details and to access the resolutions (or see below).

With the safety improvements on The Parade north and south of the shopping centre complete, they are now asking for feedback on the street and parking changes (traffic resolutions) required to make similar improvements in the main shopping area.

Note from Sheila based on discussion with Brad Singh WCC, Brennan Baxley WCC and our Southern Ward Councillors, Laurie and Nureddin, at our committee meeting on 7/11/22: When the plans for North and south end of the Parade were agreed upon, the plan for the village area was not, and required the traffic management plan to be developed. This plan was developed, businesses consulted, and now the resolution for changes in the village area produced. So although it may feel like there has been previous consultation for this area, a traffic resolution had not been agreed, and now that it has it must go out for consultation as part of the formal process.

Furthermore, there had been talk previously about whether the angle parking could be retained in the village area. This would have significantly impacted the space available for the public space design project, and the goal for improved spaces for those walking and using other modes of active transport. For this reason the council voted in favour of converting the parking on the west side of the Parade in the shopping area to parallel parks. The concept plans for the public space improvements will hopefully be available to view in the next month.

TR98 – 22 The Parade, Island Bay – time-restricted parking

TR178 – 22 The Parade, Island Bay – Town Centre Safety Improvements

To give WCC your feedback, read the traffic resolution report/s relevant to you and complete the online feedback form below. The deadline for feedback is 5pm Sunday 13 November 2022.

The feedback form is also available in a printable version which can be downloaded on the webpage. If you need extra support, please phone 04 499 4444 or email theparade@wcc.govt.nz. They can send you a paper form or find a solution that works for you.

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