Committee meeting minutes 18 January 2022

23 January 2022

Island Bay Business and Residents Association

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 18 January 2022 held at the Island Bay Services Club.

Attendees: Jane Byrne, Lorraine Edwards, David Bolt, Pat Vinaccia, Bruce Gadd

Apologies: Stephen Day, Janine Hyde


Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting due to be held in November 2021 unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a Covid 19 scare. Permission was sort and agreed by the Companies office that 2021 AGM be held before the end of March 2022. A general discussion was held. Committee member Stephen Day who was not able to be present sent a note to the Committee. His points were raised by the Chair.

The following was agreed:

  • That the postponed 2021 AGM be held on Monday 7 March 2022 subject to the availability of the Island Bay Bowling Club. Moved Pat Vinaccia:  seconded Lorraine Edwards. 
  • Notice of the AGM to be published on 1 February 2022. That the notice explicitly asked for nominations for the committee and any resolutions the membership would like to put to the AGM. Moved David Bolt: seconded Jane Byrne.
  • That nominations for the Committee be moved and seconded by a members of the Association. All nominations should include a short bio of the nominee. Moved Pat Vinaccia: seconded Jane Byrne.
  • That nominations and notices of motion close on 14 February 2022. Moved Lorraine Edwards, seconded David Bolt.

The IBRA constitution limits the number of committee members to 13. If more than 13 members are nominated, then there needs to be an election. There was a long discussion regarding how an election might be run and whether proxy votes should be accepted. At the 2020 AGM the issue of proxy votes was raised. It was agreed at the 2020 AGM that proxy votes would not be used, and it was suggested that the incoming committee discuss and agree whether proxy votes be accepted at future AGM’s. (Unfortunately, due to a technical issue the minutes of the meeting were not recorded.) Due to only 8 people being nominated for the Committee proxy votes were not needed. 

The IBRA constitution suggests proxy votes can only be accepted from those in the Community who are members and have attended an AGM in the past. If proxy votes were to be accepted at the 2022 AGM, all those collecting proxy votes would need to be verified and all the people who have given their proxy would need to be verified. This entails a huge amount of work for a small voluntary organisation like ours. It was therefore moved 

  • That proxy votes are not allowed at this AGM. Moved Jane Byrne, seconded Lorraine Edwards.

If this is challenged by the AGM, we may need to defer the election of the Committee until such time as appropriate verification protocols are put in place. 

The Committee is still working out if an election is required whether it can be undertaken by a simple show of hands or whether we circulated a voting form for those in attendance at the meeting to fill out.

There appears to be a lot of interest in becoming a member of the committee therefore it is probable an election will need to occur.

It has also come to our knowledge when nominations were called for the AGM in November that 2 members from one household were nominated. The Committee has discussed and agreed:

  • Only one member from a household can be nominated for the Committee. Moved Lorraine Edwards seconded DAVID Bolt.

The Committee also discussed the possibility of having an independent chair for the AGM. It was agreed that an independent chair was a good idea and we should identify some possible contenders. 

Other Matters arising:

Shetland Island Mural

David Bolt raised the Shetland Island Mural is to be unveiled on Sunday 6 March at 1:30pm. Members of the IBRA committee will be sent an invitation.

The Parade Cycleway Upgrade

It appears the Council is due to reseal the Parade and it has been suggested that at the same time upgrades to the Cycleway will also be undertaken at the same time. The Council has reached out to the business community for comment. More details are needed.

South Coast Arts Trail

The Trail is to be held on 19/20 February has generated a huge amount of interest. Over 100 artists are included. A booklet is being produced, and we are expecting large numbers of visitors. This has been a huge effort to organise and a huge thanks to Neal Palmer and Jane Byrne for the 100s of hours they have put into the venture.

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