Island Bay Cycleway submission to WCC Planning and Environment Committee

9 November 2021

From the Island Bay Businesses and Residents’ Association (IBRA)

Re: Island Bay Cycleway Options to be discussed by the Council Planning and Environment Committee on Wednesday 10 November 2021.

The Island Bay Businesses and Residents’ Association would like to congratulate the Council and Councillors on their acknowledgement that major work is required on the existing Island Bay cycleway to make The Parade safer for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and buses. 

The Council has indicated that a minimum of $2 million (and up to $14 million) will be needed to be spent on the 1.7km cycleway.

We are also aware that the Council will be considering soon, the option of light rail into Island Bay. While decisions have yet to be made and plans drawn up it is likely that if the light rail option were to be agreed by the Council that it would bring a great deal of disruption to the suburb, including those living on The Parade and the businesses operating on The Parade.

The Island Bay Businesses and Residents’ Association submits that decisions on light rail and Improvements to the cycleway should be considered at the same time so that the community can see what the impact on The Parade will be.

If major work is then considered it can be undertaken at the same time and lessen the impact on the suburb and the residents and businesses on The Parade. 

We also understand that The Parade will be resealed within the next 12-24 months. This is part of regular maintenance. The reseal will cover all road markings, including any remaining ghost markings. Can we humbly suggest that in the short term we return The Parade to its original markings with parking against the curb and a cycleway on the outside of the parked cars until such time that decisions regarding light rail on The Parade are made. 

This will at least then reduce some of the safety concerns expressed by both members of the Council and the Island Bay Community and allow our excellent bus service to operate safely and efficiently. In addition, we are lucky to have wide footpaths which can safely accommodate at least younger cyclists. Reducing the speed limit on The Parade to 40km an hour would also assist with safety issues.

The Morrison Low Review of the WCC Urban Cycleways Programme (May 2016) commissioned by the Council recommended in relation to Island Bay that “A review would be necessary to “circuit break” and re-engage the Community in what an integrated transport solution would look like”. This is effectively what we are asking the Council to do.

 We are aware that  Council has many large projects it is considering and that their financial situation is tight. We believe by making the decision on the upgrade to the cycleway and the introduction of light rail (effectively an integrated transport system) will save the Council money and the ratepayers millions.

Yours respectfully

Bruce Gadd


Island Bay and Businesses and Residents’ Association

Please note this submission was a majority decision by the Committee with one dissenting vote.

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