Minutes for IBRA Committee – Monday 15 March 2021

Apologies:  Stephen Day

Reminder of who Committee is and who we represent

Jane reminded the group that we are a group of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to work with Council and other groups as a voice for Island Bay. We may not all agree with each other but that is what democracy is all about.

The committee represents a balanced reflection of Island Bay residents with members ranging in ages from thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

Ben’s email “Seeking Funding for Meeting Facilitator for Island Bay Community”

This was discussed at length and disappointment that Ben had not included the committee in his decision to approach Council was expressed.

While some could see the merit in involving a facilitator others were dubious. 

It was agreed that a decision to further pursue this idea be followed up in the event that Bens’ request be approved.

Facilitator – Tim Foote of Reframe

It was agreed that the group come back with more names to put on the table before any decision was made. A suggestion to involve the Churches was made as they have been very neutral and active supporters of IBRA and the community in the past. 

Given where the committee is at present, it’s not appropriate that Tim Foote attend the meeting with the Southern Ward Councillors on Monday 22nd

Objectives and agenda for meeting with Crs Fitzsimons and Foon – 22 March 2021

Ben to draw up and agenda and send to the committee for input.

Suggested items were:

Island Bay Festival

Shopping centre

IBRA’s position on IBCW

Membership email and joining IBRA

Email to go out to Membership as is. Appropriate wording to be added to the website to attract new members. Committee to agree to wording.

Submission on behalf of IBRA – Draft Wellington Transport Plan and Public Transport Plan 2021 – individuals to submit

It was agreed not to put in a submission on behalf of IBRA but individuals are encouraged to submit as individuals.

Draft paper IBRA’s position on IBCW – Bruce

Bruce to share this paper with the committee.

General business:

Shetland Society 100 Years Anniversary

Agreed that David and Jane meet with Peter Glensor and report back to the committee. Jane mentioned that Peter had spoken with Nina Cuccurullo and Paul Elenio about doing something either jointly or separately with the Italian community

Public Meeting for Membership and all – proposed date – April / May 2021?

Consultation on the Long-term Plan ex WCC website

We are currently preparing the draft 2021-31 Long-term Plan and we will be seeking your feedback on the plan in April and May 2021. 

Visit the link:   https://www.letstalk.wellington.govt.nz/long-term-plan

Suggested long term Island Bay projects that would benefit the community at large – let’s put our heads together and chat with a range of people!

The shopping area is looking very shabby and rundown and could do with a good tidy / spruce up. Investigate Heritage status on the eastern side shop fronts to see if any funding is available to help building owners. This is something perhaps Crs Foon and Fitzsimmons could help us with? Possible agenda item for March 22nd meeting?

Jane mentioned that ex committee member Yvonne Curtis had passed on an email she’d received from resident Peter Graham suggesting that perhaps IBRA could look into attracting the services of a dentist, optician, lawyer to compliment the great existing service providers operating in the bay.

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