Minutes for IBRA committee meeting-22 March 2021

Apologies:  Lorraine Edwards

Attending guests: MP Paul Eagle, Cr Fleur Fitzsimons (departed 6.50pm) Brian Dawson and Cr Laurie (arrived 7.15pm post meeting)

Agenda Items:

Welcome – Ben

Island Bay Festival feedback – Bruce

Bruce presented the paper he wrote and the intention to not take over The Festival was expressed with an acknowledgement to Joe Bleakley and Peter Frater and other of the great work they have done for the Island Bay Enhancement Trust.

IBRA want to work with The Trust and see this as an opportunity to relook at The Festival and bring in some new ideas or fine tune events.

Mention was made that perhaps The Festival be contained into a one day experience? Possibly run it every 2 years? All food for thought and many ongoing conversations.

It was agreed that Jane make initial contact with Joe Bleakley in the first instance and set up an informal meeting and report back to the committee.

Committee position on Island Bay Cycleway – Bruce & Stephen

Bruce presented his draft IBCW paper and Stephen expressed his opinion that he wished to be shown as not in support of IBRA’s position. Bruce to look at incorporating this into the paper.

Fleur reiterated that Council would be happy to pay for a facilitator to include this matter into the Long Term Plan that is due out for consultation and community feedback and submissions.

Fleur left the meeting (as she had other previously advised) and the conversation continued. 

Robust discussion continued and Jane expressed concern that the Cycleway conversation would be a massive distraction to the LTP conversation and that it should be treated as a separate issue as it was extremely important to get a resolution that worked for the majority of the community. Paul Eagle endorsed and supported this and the committee seemed to be in support.

Explore how we can improve the Island Bay community shops – Ben & Jane

This subject was not really discussed and as Lorraine as business rep was not in attendance Jane pointed out that she wasn’t informed enough to speak on the businesses behalf.

Any other items of business – Ben

There was no time to discuss further business and the meeting was closed at approximately 7.15 pm and Cr Foon arrived as people were leaving.

Thanks again to The Services Club for providing a venue for IBRA to have their committee meeting.

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