Minutes for IBRA Committee meeting Monday 18th October 2021

Apologies:  Pat

Attendees:   Bruce, David, Janine, Lorraine, Stephen and Jane



Jane advised she’s been in contact with the Companies Office and they have told her they’re happy for us to push the AGM (due to be held in October) for as long as needed given the COVID situation.

The committee agreed to hold the AGM in November at the Bowling Club. Jane to investigate the availability of the venue for Monday the 22nd / or Monday 29th November in order to work within the Constitutions requirements.

The committee agreed to have a couple of further meetings prior to the AGM as we have some good news issues to report to the membership. For example – partial funding by the WCC for the South Coast Arts Trail, Shorland Park upgrade status, Shetland Society 100 Year Anniversary and other matters.

South Coast Arts Trail – 19 and 20th February

Bruce advised that we’ve had two grants approved by the WCC which is great news and appreciated. We are still short of the budget but it was felt that we could work creatively around this.

Bruce advised that Jane and he along with Neal Palmer met with Mike Jones of the Island Bay Enhancement Trust (Festival organisers) on how we could work together to advertise the two events in a mutually beneficial and complimentary way. Mike agreed with everything suggested and is to take it to his other Trustees for their agreement.

We agreed to look at getting a designer involved to work with the artwork elements for both events and to include sponsors elements for marketing / advertising etc. IBET offered to contribute to this – to be signed off with the other Trustees.

There are now over 100 artists participating in the Arts trail which is incredible and very exciting.

There is likely to be some extra artwork / printing required for events such as the Home of Compassion event (which will be running for a week) and The Empire which will be housing a photographic exhibition and potential opening for the Arts Trail event. More on that later.

COVID Tracer Codes will be available at all venues involved.

IBRA has had two approaches for the funding of billboards to advertise the two events and one of the businesses has put their offer in writing as requested.

Lorraine presented her offer on behalf of Ray White to the committee. Whilst Lorraine offered to abstain from the vote those in attendance unanimously agreed to accept this generous offer.

A more detailed marketing plan will be worked on and will be shared with the Council.

The Arts Trail is open to all artists and all different disciplines!

Wellington Residents Association Network (WRAN)

Bruce emailed the committee a report on a zoom call he participated in on 27th September that he described as interesting.  Please refer to his email dated 28 September for an overview of what was discussed. WRAN most concerned about Bus Prioritisation as part of Let’s Get Wellington Moving as they are the providers of mass Transport.

There are a number of submissions coming up which we’ll need to share with our membership.

Janine spoke about the Public Meeting coming up on Thursday 21st October at Owhiro Bay School regarding the future of the Southern Landfill and the options that will be available and open for public submission. Jane agreed to attend with her. Janine will report back to the group.

General Business

The Bowling Club

Ideas percolating around an upgrade at The Bowling Club – The new President is talking about refreshing the venue – encouraging new members and new activities etc. All ideas are welcome.

The Shetland Society mural has been funded by WCC. The new location of The Esplanade has been selected by Council and an artist is in the process of being approved.

Shorland Park – the project has been delayed again – and the WCC is trying to work around The Festival dates (12 and 13 February) and availability of product still. They are in constant contact with IBRA regarding date changes etc.

Hello Wellington

Lorraine meant to bring a copy of the Kilbirnie Newspaper and felt that Geoff might have missed the boat.

Bruce caught up with him and Geoff is still intending to get the project off the ground. He has still 4 journalists working for him. He was a victim of COVID and the lockdown.

Get IBRA FB page open again!

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