Minutes IBRA Committee meeting Monday 10th May 2021

Apologies:  Ben Everist and Pat Vinaccia

Attendees:  Geoff Kirkham, Lindy Hastings, Neal Palmer, Peter Frater and Joe Bleakley


Local Newspaper – “Hello Wellington”

Geoff gave us an exciting pitch for his idea and advised there would initially be a “Southern” edition (Owhiro Bay to Miramar) and a “Central” edition (Basin thru to inner City Wellington, Kelburn, Wadestown through to Kaiwharawhara). It will be a weekly edition.

Material covered will be edgy and challenging (keeping the WCC on- track with our rates monies and spending our money sensibly) Interesting interviews with locals and businesses. Relevant stories that talk about locals, recipe and wine reviews, crazy competitions the possibilities are endless and will evolve continually etc. There’ll be a “What’s On” section that will provide a community noticeboard component to it.

The magazine / paper will have a coffee table look to it with a strong lifestyle feel to it. 

The paper will be aimed at the 30 year olds plus age group.

We wish Geoff well with his venture and look forward to reading the first edition! He’s aiming to launch early July. We agreed to help promote the paper through IBRA and our membership.

South Coast Arts Trail 

Neal sent his initial thoughts / proposal document (sent out to all committee members) and he embellished on this further.

Cornish St Ives – thriving artists community – the comparisons to Island Bay are extraordinary. There are many working artist located in the bay. (Owhiro Bay included).

Bruce doesn’t want to interfere with the IB Enhancement Trust funding. He would like IBRA to request funding from WCC to cover publication and map costs (advertising costs) etc. Bruce and Neal are working on a project plan and a budget.

Committee agreed to support this project with enthusiasm. 

Keep ideas coming.

IB Enhancement Trust  – The Festival “Something for Everyone”

Harry Midgely’s valedictory speech (sent to all committee members) had been read by all those in attendance. 

It’s time for Joe and Peter to hand over the reins but Mike Jones is happy to stay on as the Treasurer.

The Trust is looking for a minimum of 4 new Trustees plus a co-ordinator (which is a paid role). The Trust has to have at least 4 Trustees in order to run a chequebook / bank account.

The Trust reports back to the WCC for accountability of funding and the spend.

A trustee’s role is to get funding / find a co-ordinator and provide guidance and support. (There are certain legal requirements / obligations that new Trustees will need to be made aware of.)

Funding for the Festival comes from the WCC, New World and income from the stalls (though this is becoming less as the rise in food stalls costs increase ie: more waste and power requirements etc.

The closure of Reef Street could be a problem and this will require a conversation with GWRC.

Unfortunately, the timing of the Festival is not moveable because of all the other activities taking place at this time of year.

Barry we understand is to be a back up co-ordinator.

The committee agreed to support the IB Enhancement Trust and the IB Festival.

Michelle from IB Peeps is aware of the search for new Trustees and Stephen offered to have a conversation with her and help spread the word. 

Other matters:

Membership meeting – 3rd May 

The general consensus and feedback was that the meeting should have been more structured with the committee members sitting together and being introduced. More formal perhaps? 

Greeting / introductions / terms of behaviour and meeting etiquette / pointing out of exit points in case of emergency / earthquake procedure and meeting and assembly points / location of toilets etc.

It sounded like the GWRC presentation went well and WCC presented by Baz was going well until Cr Sarah Free (uninvited) appeared to sideline the meeting by making some unexpected bombshell comments about The Parade. 

It sounded like the agenda for the meeting was sideswiped as the cycleway took over. Certainly showed to all present that it was still a very hot issue.

Bruce advised that a letter had been sent to CEO of WCC and others regarding the Parade and we are waiting for a response which is likely to be negative. Once the definitive response is received it needs to be sent out to the membership along with our letter and also put on the website for transparency.

Comments were also made about the point of making a submission when it was very evident that submissions were so easily ignored by the WCC.

People got frustrated as they had their hands up to ask questions but were ignored – this is something that can easily fixed as the committee works together – having spotters etc. 

There is no doubt that the next meeting needs to be better managed.

Island Bay Peeps 

Janine had heard from a couple of her contacts that they did not want to have anything to do with IBRA as they didn’t want to have anything to do with IB Peeps.  IB Peeps has a certain reputation of being a “nasty” page. As a number of committee members have very little to do with social media they were quite horrified.

IBRA Facebook page

It was proposed that we resurrect our IBRA FB page to promote IBRA and IBRA issues. We need to have our own clear identity. Messaging needs to come from the Committee and not just Ben as Chair.

It was discussed that comments on IBRA are kept closed.

We need to put a very clear set of protocols in place – how we deal with WCC / Media and Social Media.

If Ben is going to speak on behalf of IBRA he need to let the committee know so everyone is up to speed. Eg Dom Post comment about the smell – good comment but committee needs to be made aware beforehand.

IBRA G Mail account and responsibilities – This is still to be discussed

Wellington South Coast Network Meeting – report and minutes – Ben to speak – Still to be discussed.

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