Share your experiences through Berhampore to Newtown

Not strictly Island Bay, but does include Adelaide road from Berhampore to Dee Street roundabout

Wellingtonians have been very clear they want action on climate change, more housing choices, and a city where more people can get around in zero or low carbon ways.

Berhampore and Newtown are busy inner-city suburbs with a high density of people living here. The area is a key destination for many Wellingtonians – people looking for a great place to live close to the central city and Wellington Hospital’s campus, people working at hospitals and health services, visiting patients, or getting to appointments, commuting to work or university, visiting the vibrant town centres, and getting to parks, sportsgrounds, and Wellington Zoo.

What this project involves
We are starting plans to make changes to transport in the Berhampore to Newtown area and upgrade the Berhampore town centre. The areas we’re focused on include:

  • Installing bus and bike improvements to complete the south coast to city route
  • Setting up a parking plan for Newtown
  • Upgrading the Berhampore town centre
  • We’re working with technical experts and meeting with key stakeholders and businesses in this area to help inform the proposed changes.

As part of helping us understand the local context, we are keen to learn about how you and your whanau currently use and experience this area. Your feedback will help us to get the designs right and evaluate the changes. We’ll also be gathering data about numbers of people on bikes, scooters and buses, and monitoring the parking situation.

Take our survey

For more information about the project, you can visit

If you have any questions about this work, please email the team at

Ngā mihi
City Design team
Wellington City Council
Phone 04 499 4444

WCC The Parade Traffic Resolutions October 2022

WCC is consulting on two Traffic Resolutions in Island Bay. Head to the WCC website for full details and to access the resolutions (or see below).

With the safety improvements on The Parade north and south of the shopping centre complete, they are now asking for feedback on the street and parking changes (traffic resolutions) required to make similar improvements in the main shopping area.

Note from Sheila based on discussion with Brad Singh WCC, Brennan Baxley WCC and our Southern Ward Councillors, Laurie and Nureddin, at our committee meeting on 7/11/22: When the plans for North and south end of the Parade were agreed upon, the plan for the village area was not, and required the traffic management plan to be developed. This plan was developed, businesses consulted, and now the resolution for changes in the village area produced. So although it may feel like there has been previous consultation for this area, a traffic resolution had not been agreed, and now that it has it must go out for consultation as part of the formal process.

Furthermore, there had been talk previously about whether the angle parking could be retained in the village area. This would have significantly impacted the space available for the public space design project, and the goal for improved spaces for those walking and using other modes of active transport. For this reason the council voted in favour of converting the parking on the west side of the Parade in the shopping area to parallel parks. The concept plans for the public space improvements will hopefully be available to view in the next month.

TR98 – 22 The Parade, Island Bay – time-restricted parking

TR178 – 22 The Parade, Island Bay – Town Centre Safety Improvements

To give WCC your feedback, read the traffic resolution report/s relevant to you and complete the online feedback form below. The deadline for feedback is 5pm Sunday 13 November 2022.

The feedback form is also available in a printable version which can be downloaded on the webpage. If you need extra support, please phone 04 499 4444 or email They can send you a paper form or find a solution that works for you.

WCC – Roadworks in Island Bay

Please find attached the November 2022 Council maintenance and minor works programme.

Relevant works for Island bay:

For the latest information please check out the weekly roadworks report on the WCC website.

Roads – Road works and road closures – Wellington City Council

Thank you for sharing this information with your respective community groups/organisations. If we need to update an email address, please let me know.

Note that the information in the document does not include work for other organisations working in the road corridor such as Waka Kotahi, Wellington Water, Wellington Electricity or building works which require access to the road or footpath.

If you would like more information or have any questions feel free to contact us on (04) 499 4444.

Ngā mihi

Denise Beazley
Network Activity Manager | | Wellington City Council

Household Earthquake Planning Sunday 27th November @ 2pm

Island Bay community Centre. Please register here:

October Update in your inbox

Or read it here

Reminder AGM TONIGHT Monday 17th October

7-9pm @ Wellington South Baptist Church

See here for more details:

AGM Monday – Vote on Motions

Motions Submitted

All motions submitted relate to constitution updates, attempting to deal with some ambiguity that became apparent at the last AGM.
How to vote on these motions:

  1. Online voting option here: IBRA AGM Online Vote
  2. Submit a vote by proxy using the proxy form (this must be in the hands of a committee member by 7pm on the 17th of October)
  3. Attend the AGM and complete your vote there

Annual General Meeting Monday 17th October 2022

Committee Nominations

The following nominations for the committee have been received:

  1. Sheila Hart (Current Chair)
  2. Sonya Cameron (Current Secretariat)
  3. Catherine Inder (Current Secretariat)
  4. Sally Page (Current Secretariat)
  5. Jeff McDonald (Current Treasurer)
  6. Ben Everist (Current Committee member)
  7. Mark Henderwood (Current Committee member)
  8. Chris Wratt (Current Committee member)
  9. Riki Anderson
  10. Andrew Lourantos
  11. Kirsty Smith

The number of nominations is less than 13, the maximum number that can be on the committee.  No election for committee positions is required.

Please head to our AGM page on the website for full details: Agenda, papers, motions etc.

WCC elections – Final week to VOTE!

Voting closes on Saturday 8th October at midday. Remember, in the last election, the Mayoral race was decided by a difference of fewer than 100 votes! So make the effort and have your vote counted.

Here is how you can submit your vote (from WCC official website):

Voting is done by post. If you’re enrolled, you should have received your voting papers already. Complete your voting forms and return them via the following means: 

To a ballot box: There are over 50 Wellington City Council-branded ballot boxes where you can drop off your voting papers across Wellington. Ballot boxes are provided at every Wellington supermarket and Council library, as well as several other locations. Votes can be delivered to ballot boxes up to 12 noon on Saturday 8 October.

There is one of these bins at the New World in Island Bay

By NZ Post up until TOMORROW 4th OCTOBER: in the freepost envelope via any New Zealand Post box. If you are using a post box, it is recommended you post your vote by 4 October to ensure it’s received before the cut-off date. There is a post box in the shopping area of Island Bay, outside Bluebell cafe/Island Bay Video.

To a Wellington City Council voting hub:
At Te Pokapū Hapori Community Centre, 107 Manners Street until voting closes, midday 8 October. Hours: 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday (plus open to 7.30pm in the week starting Monday 3 October).
Library hubs: From Monday 3 October to 12 noon 8 October, including Johnsonville (Waitohi), Karori, Newtown, and Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) libraries. Hours: Branch library hours of service.

Special voting
Sometimes you might need to cast what’s called a ‘special vote’. You will need to do this if you:

Didn’t receive your voting forms in your letterbox.
– Lost or damaged your voting forms.
– You enrolled after 12 August 2022.
– You are on the unpublished (confidential) electoral roll.
– Your enrolled address is out of date, and you have been living at a new address for a month or more.
Casting a special vote is easy. During the election period between 16 September and midday 8 October, come see the team at the voting hub at Te Pokapū Hapori Community Centre.

Special voting is also available at Johnsonville (Waitohi), Karori, Newtown, and Ruth Gotleib (Kilbirnie) Libraries from TODAY, Monday 3 October. It takes less than five minutes to issue a special vote, and you can vote on site or take it away to vote later.

Need help?
Deputy Electoral Officer
Phone: 04 499 4444


VOTE to have your say in the future of our city!

Understanding Single Transferable Vote

We are now over a week into voting for the Wellington City and Wellington Regional council.  Voting for both of these is in the form of Single Transferable Vote.  Have you wondered how this works?  Do I have to rank all the candidates? Is it better to rank all the candidates, or just those you like? What happens if I don’t rank a candidate? 

Check out this summary and associated resources explaining how STV works:

Voting for the WCC and WRC elections close Saturday 8th October. 

There are a huge number of places that you can drop off your completed voting forms.

  • By NZ Post: If you are using a post box, it is recommended you post your vote by 4 October to ensure it’s received before the cut-off date.
  • To a ballot box: There are over 50 Wellington City Council-branded ballot boxes where you can drop off your voting papers across Wellington. Ballot boxes are provided at every Wellington supermarket and Council library, as well as several other locations. Votes can be delivered to ballot boxes up to 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. 
  • To a Wellington City Council voting hub: You can also be issued a special vote at these locations.

See the WCC website for more details on how to vote:

And a reminder of our Candidates for Mayor and Southern Ward (in alphabetical order):

Wellington Mayor

Ellen Blake – Independent

Ray Chung – Independent

Chris Dudfield – Independent – Vision/Skills/Results (Mayor and Southern Ward)

Paul Eagle – Independent

Andy Foster – Together for Wellington

Kelvin Hastie – Future Wellington

Donald Newtown McDonald – Our truth all but whole truth

Barbara McKenzie – Independent

Tory Whānau – Independent

Mãori Ward

Ali Hamlin-Paenga

Matthew Reweti – Labour

Nīkau Wi Neera – Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Southern Ward

Nureddin Abdurahmam – Labour

Inoke Afeaki – Independent

Dipak Bhana – Independent #Together for Wellington

Urmilla Bhana – Independent

Jonathan Coppard – Action on Climate

Chris Dudfield – Independent – Vision/Skills/Results

Laurie Foon – Green

Iain Alasdair MacLeod – Get Wellington back on course

Ate Moala – Independent

Paula Muollo – Independent

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