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WCC Zero Waste Policy – FEEDBACK

A Zero Waste strategy for Wellington. We must move to better systems to reduce waste we are using and reduce the need for landfill. Waste contributes to our climate crisis and impacts on our special  environment especially Tapu Te Ranga reserve and the communities that have trucks driving through them.

Council has now got a plan to reduce wate by 50% by 2030.

WCC would love your feedback – by Feb 28th 

Provide feedback here:

U R Here – Barbarian Productions

As part of the Fringe Festival Barbarian Productions have put on U R Here at Martin Luckie Park – in our neck of the woods! This FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY (24-26th February). Please note just sharing as in our neighbourhood, the Residents Association is not involved with this event.

Website info:

Something unexpected has come to life in Martin Luckie Park… will you be there to see it? U R Here is a brand new live event experience: a show, a game, a walk in the park – a day out like you’ve never had before!

Barbarian Productions bring their radical theatre magic to the great outdoors, transforming a little-known park into an open-world adventure full of weirdness and wonder – suitable for the adventurous at heart. Are you ready to play?

Check out the event on facebook and buy tickets here

Island Bay Festival – Day in the Bay

Sunday 12th February 10am – 6pm

The Island Bay Festival kicks off with Day in the Bay on Feb 12th, but there’s plenty more going on between Feb 13 – 18th. Have a baycation and get to know your community.

Check out the festival website for more details:

4C meeting with WCC

The 4C (Coastal communities and Climate Change committee) met with WCC on 29th Jan. Here is a copy of the Community Climate Adaptation Programme Roadmap that was presented. Please note, very much in DRAFT form.

The Parade and Island Bay Village upgrades – Update from WCC

Thank you to everyone in the community who has taken the time to talk to us (WCC) about the Town Centre Upgrade plans.

On 14 December 2022, the Koata Hātepe, the Regulatory Processes Committee resolved to proceed with the Town Centre Upgrades which includes improvement to the public spaces and safety. Details of the Committee meeting are available here: Regulatory Processes Committee – 14 December 2022, 9.30AM – Meetings – Wellington City Council

What to expect over the next few months:

Island Bay Village Upgrade Community Display
We are pleased to announce that there is a community display at the Island Bay Community Centre this Saturday, 17 December from 10am-2pm. Council Officers will be available to talk to you about the plans and to answer questions.

Updated plans of the Village Upgrade can be found here Projects – Island Bay village upgrades – Wellington City Council.

Parking time-restrictions
Time-restricted parking has been approved for The Parade between the intersection of Humber Street and approximately 280 The Parade (TR98-22) and for the Village (TR178-22). Regarding:

TR98-22 The Parade, time-restricted parking: parking changes will be implemented over the following three months. Details of this Traffic Resolution can be found here: The Parade Traffic Resolutions October 2022 | Kōrero Mai | Wellington City Council
TR178-22 The Parade, Town Centre Improvements: the Project Team are refining the project schedule and will provide updates moving forward.

If you have questions or would like to discuss this with the team, please let us know. Our next update will be in the new year.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday, and looking forward to reconnecting in 2023.

Ngā mihi,

The Parade & Village Upgrades Project Teams

Preventing and managing landslides – what can you do?

At our November 2022 meeting, we had a presentation from Brad Singh, the WCC Manager of Transport and Infrastructure, about the work that his team is doing cleaning up landslides (slips) following our very wet winter. Given the extent of the landslides across the city at present, Brad advised that highest priority is being given to landslides that are impacting major traffic routes or pedestrian access on public land.

For those who have existing landslides that they are dealing with, the Council provide the following information:

We also asked if there was information available to property owners to prevent landslides in areas at risk or to manage small landslides that may not be at a level requiring Council or other intervention.

After further follow-up, we have been advised by Brad that the Council will work on comms that will provide more detailed information and options about this. We will keep you posted about this.

Island Bay Village Public Space Upgrades and Parking in the village area

There have been a lot of comments circulating on social media since the concept designs for the Village upgrade were announced last week about the removal of parking spaces in Island Bay Village. To help clarify:

The Island Bay Village Public Space Upgrade project, run by Brennan Baxley and his team, relates to improvements/upgrades on the pavement area and includes things like benches, planting, features, way-finding and information displays.

The Traffic resolutions TR 98-22 and TR 178-22 relate to parking along the parade and are separate from the Island Bay Village upgrade, although of course intimately linked in terms of the bigger picture.

TR178-22 proposes to convert all angled parking spaces to parallel parking – on both the eastern and western sides of The Parade.

All angled parking on the western side of the town centre (between Avon and Medway Streets) are P60 time-restricted. The reduction in spaces is made up in Medway and Avon Streets by converting unrestricted parking spaces to time-restricted parking.

The angled parking on the eastern side (by Avon Street) currently has no time restriction. As part of TR178-22, these will be converted to parallel parking and a P60 time-restriction added to it.

The rest of the parallel parking spaces on the eastern side will be retained. However, there will be a change to the layout due to the new bike lane and bus stop improvements.

The Council’s Transport Projects website shows before and after concept plans which can help visualise the changes being proposed: Current vs new layout  |  The Parade – WCC Transport Projects

The Island Bay Village Upgrade full concept plans (which can be confirmed once TR 98 and 178 have been decided on the 14th) will be available to view on the 17th of December 10am-2pm at the community centre, or online.

The Regulatory Processes Committee will meet on Wednesday 14 December 2022 to consider the related traffic changes (TR98 and 178) for this area and to decide whether the project can proceed to detailed design and construction. Anyone can attend this meeting, however if you wish to speak you must register by 1200 on the 13th December (day prior).

If approved, construction work is expected to begin in about August next year. Work near Mersey Street is expected to happen in 2024.

You can provide feedback to WCC:

Urban Design: Public Space Design + Delivery Team

For specific queries on the parking, traffic resolution and safety improvements on The Parade, contact the project email,

Island Bay Village Upgrades – display and information session Saturday 17th December

The next session for viewing the concept designs, having an opportunity to chat with the team and to provide feedback on the designs will be on 17th December.

Full details to be confirmed but we will share as soon as we have them.

November/December email update

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