Have your say – Wellingtonians asked for input on 10-year priorities for the city

Wellington City Council will create its 2024-2034 Long-term Plan (LTP) over the next year, with extensive public input throughout the process.

The first phase includes a short online survey asking Wellingtonians to identify top priorities.

The survey asks Wellingtonians to rank priorities in five categories – Wellington’s natural environment, economy, urban form, culture, and community – and add anything they think is missing. It takes just a few minutes to complete, with feedback used to inform the strategic direction for the plan.


The survey is open until 5pm Sunday 21 May.

The Council revises its 10-year Long-term Plan every three years. The upcoming 2024-34 plan will set the direction for the decade, outlining what the Council will be investing in, how much it may cost and how this will be funded.

This survey marks the first phase of an extensive period of public engagement between now and June 2024, when the Long-term Plan 2024-34 will be adopted by the Council.

This will include:

  • April-May 2023: Engagement on key priorities for the plan, including an online survey and series of in-person workshops open to the public.
    Mid-2023: Consultation on the review of rating policies, which will look at how the overall rates bill is divided up – that is, the proportion each property owner pays.
  • Mid-2023: Levels of service workshops, where groups of Wellingtonians can provide feedback regarding community expectations about the levels of Council services provided given associated costs.
  • Late 2023/ early 2024: Participatory budgeting, where residents are provided with budgetary information and options, and can have a direct say in how their rates are used to address the needs and priorities of their communities.
  • Early 2024: Formal consultation, where people can provide final submissions on the draft Long-term Plan.
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