Preventing and managing landslides – what can you do?

At our November 2022 meeting, we had a presentation from Brad Singh, the WCC Manager of Transport and Infrastructure, about the work that his team is doing cleaning up landslides (slips) following our very wet winter. Given the extent of the landslides across the city at present, Brad advised that highest priority is being given to landslides that are impacting major traffic routes or pedestrian access on public land.

For those who have existing landslides that they are dealing with, the Council provide the following information:

We also asked if there was information available to property owners to prevent landslides in areas at risk or to manage small landslides that may not be at a level requiring Council or other intervention.

After further follow-up, we have been advised by Brad that the Council will work on comms that will provide more detailed information and options about this. We will keep you posted about this.

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