Annual General Meeting Monday 17th October 2022

Committee Nominations

The following nominations for the committee have been received:

  1. Sheila Hart (Current Chair)
  2. Sonya Cameron (Current Secretariat)
  3. Catherine Inder (Current Secretariat)
  4. Sally Page (Current Secretariat)
  5. Jeff McDonald (Current Treasurer)
  6. Ben Everist (Current Committee member)
  7. Mark Henderwood (Current Committee member)
  8. Chris Wratt (Current Committee member)
  9. Riki Anderson
  10. Andrew Lourantos
  11. Kirsty Smith

The number of nominations is less than 13, the maximum number that can be on the committee.  No election for committee positions is required.

Please head to our AGM page on the website for full details: Agenda, papers, motions etc.

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