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Understanding Single Transferable Vote

We are now over a week into voting for the Wellington City and Wellington Regional council.  Voting for both of these is in the form of Single Transferable Vote.  Have you wondered how this works?  Do I have to rank all the candidates? Is it better to rank all the candidates, or just those you like? What happens if I don’t rank a candidate? 

Check out this summary and associated resources explaining how STV works:

Voting for the WCC and WRC elections close Saturday 8th October. 

There are a huge number of places that you can drop off your completed voting forms.

  • By NZ Post: If you are using a post box, it is recommended you post your vote by 4 October to ensure it’s received before the cut-off date.
  • To a ballot box: There are over 50 Wellington City Council-branded ballot boxes where you can drop off your voting papers across Wellington. Ballot boxes are provided at every Wellington supermarket and Council library, as well as several other locations. Votes can be delivered to ballot boxes up to 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. 
  • To a Wellington City Council voting hub: You can also be issued a special vote at these locations.

See the WCC website for more details on how to vote:

And a reminder of our Candidates for Mayor and Southern Ward (in alphabetical order):

Wellington Mayor

Ellen Blake – Independent

Ray Chung – Independent

Chris Dudfield – Independent – Vision/Skills/Results (Mayor and Southern Ward)

Paul Eagle – Independent

Andy Foster – Together for Wellington

Kelvin Hastie – Future Wellington

Donald Newtown McDonald – Our truth all but whole truth

Barbara McKenzie – Independent

Tory Whānau – Independent

Mãori Ward

Ali Hamlin-Paenga

Matthew Reweti – Labour

Nīkau Wi Neera – Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Southern Ward

Nureddin Abdurahmam – Labour

Inoke Afeaki – Independent

Dipak Bhana – Independent #Together for Wellington

Urmilla Bhana – Independent

Jonathan Coppard – Action on Climate

Chris Dudfield – Independent – Vision/Skills/Results

Laurie Foon – Green

Iain Alasdair MacLeod – Get Wellington back on course

Ate Moala – Independent

Paula Muollo – Independent

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