Parade update

As you will have seen the work is progressing along the parade, contractors are now beginning to install the street changes that the Council approved in March.

Check out here for full details on what is happening:

As advised by the council:

The south end (Reef Street to start of the 30km/hr zone) will be done first, then the north end, then the Village.

The first step is the resealing of the centre of the road (the cycle lane does not need resealing). The new centre line and yellow no parking markings that are starting to go in on this newly sealed road surface reflect the changes that Councillors have agreed on to make the area safer. After Easter, the contractors will begin to make the other safety changes, which include the installation of concrete buffers. These buffers will provide greater protection for people riding, and where there is space, something to park next to and unload on to.  

While the works are ongoing, the road can certainly appear disjointed and confusing to some road users. Over the coming weeks, as the contractors continue to remove old road markings, install new road markings and infrastructure, the road will look much more cohesive than it currently is, and more pleasant to use.

The changes will take time, and time to get used to, but people should park with care. Like elsewhere in the city, it’s not okay to park on bike lanes or in places where there are yellow lines. 

The draft parking management plan is out, feedback on that relates to time restrictions/mobility parks, parking time restrictions on side streets etc, not to the loss of carparks deemed necessary by WCC to improve the safety of the cycle way and access to properties on the parade. 

If you want to look at some interactive before and after images of the parking changes they can be viewed at the bottom of this  webpage:

There is a working group being established to look at the parade upgrade – this is the upgrade to the area between the roadside kerb and the front of shops: trees/benches/painting etc.  It is not looking at any aspect of the road, cycleway or numbers of car parks.

There is a community drop in on Saturday at the community centre (10am-12, 2-4, 6-7.30pm) where the plans will be laid out and you can ask questions on the detail and provide comments/suggestions on the upgrade to the pavement space that is being worked on.   



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