Committee report – A new chapter – November 2020

The newly elected Island Bay Residents’ Association committee met for the first time on Monday this week.

It was great to discover that we are a good mix of long term residents and
newbies to the Bay and that together we have a wide range of skills, experiences and ideas we can put to good use for our community.

We’re also keen to build on these strengths and we welcome the involvement of other people in the association too. If you have something you want to bring, an issue you want raised, or and idea for the Bay please let us know. Meanwhile, we will continue to work with the local businesses, community groups and residents to support the great work everyone is doing.

The Residents Association has been involved in some big issues in recent years and we don’t want to lose sight of those issues. However, we’re also keen to pick up on new issues that we have not had a chance to work on in the past.

The Residents Association is a voluntary organisation. So, we want to thank the outgoing committee for their tireless work and our membership who have been so generous, both financially and with their valuable time, in their ongoing support.

The newly elected committee has Ben Everist as its chair, Jane Byrne as secretary and Maria Buchanan as treasurer. We’re also looking at developing new portfolios so we can continue to give the association fresh momentum.

If you want to contact us please do at

Follow up from the AGM

Several people left the recent AGM uncertain after voting on two notices. At that meeting, people asked the incoming committee to review those matters and come back to the membership with a plan

We discussed both notices at our first committee meeting and also the process for debating and voting. We didn’t have time to cover the technical details but have resolved to present a plan to the membership at our first meeting in 2021.

We’ve appointed Bruce Gadd to look into this and we will again discuss the matter at our next committee meeting in a couple of weeks.

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