Nominations for Committee

The nominees for the Committee are (in alphabetically order by surname):

Jane ByrneSonya Cameron
Julie CrisfordFran De Gregorio
Lorraine EdwardsBen Everist
Bruce GaddRuby Ghanem
Sheila HartMark Henderwood
Catherine InderJelle Keizer
Jeff McDonaldSally Page
Richard PetersStevie Seddon
Pat VinacciaChris Wratt

Jane Byrne

Jane’s work experience encompasses 25+ years experience in film production, advertising and post-production as well as business ownership and management. She has worked both nationally and internationally. Her interests include: movies, art, music, reading, walking and history. Jane is a well connected and longtime resident of Island Bay.

  • Nominated: Janine Hyde
  • Seconded: Sylvia St. Amand

Sonya Cameron

“I have lived in Island Bay for 12 years and love its sense of community, my great neighbours, the beach and the beautiful bush walks. I work for MSD where I am a Principal Advisor for a programme supporting Food Secure Communities. I would bring to the committee about 10 years experience in community governance, most significantly as a founder and then steering committee member of Wellington Timebank. I’d love to see an inclusive Resident’s Association that reflects the views and interests of our diverse community – whatever our age, ethnicity, home tenure or views about cycleways.”

  • Nominator: Viv Bartlett
  • Seconder: Yon Cheong

Julie Crisford

I have been living in Island Bay for just over two years as we were lucky enough to be able to buy our first home in late 2019. Prior to this we rented in nearby Newtown for 7 years. I love the south coast and this friendly suburb and am glad to make my home here with my family.

I am a mum of a just-turned 5 year old who is newly started at Island Bay School, so my interest in serving IBRA stems from my interest in how Island Bay serves our youngest people and makes the area safe and friendly for them. I grew up in Wellington, spending my teen years in Karori, so am keen to learn what we can from other suburbs about how we can grow our community resources. For example, I am interested in the Residents Association helping to improve, and grow, the community centre and the library. IBRA should be the leading voice for the community to spearhead continually improving these community spaces and overall bringing together the community in other projects and events.

In my work life, I work at Victoria University in the industry and commercialisation area, helping connect business with the cutting edge research the university does. Prior to this, I ran my own business for 8 years, working with entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Personally, I enjoy being involved in community and volunteering. In my downtime prior to being a parent, I have always volunteered – from helping weekly at the City Mission kitchen, being a “Wellington Ambassador” for a travel enthusiasts community, to being a long term staff member for a teen leadership programme called Discovery for Teens which ran camps for teenagers to help them grow in confidence and take their place as leaders in their community.

I am known by others as a helpful and community-minded person, and I’d love to contribute to the Island Bay Residents Association to help keep this community great!

  • Nominated: David Barnes
  • Seconded: Brock Abernathy

Fran De Gregorio

I have lived in Island Bay all of my life and am a 3rd generation Island Bay resident. I have strong roots in the Italian community with many extended families still living here. My family (my husband and 3 children) and I live on The Parade and have done so for the past 16 years.

I’m proud to live and work here in the Bay, owning one of the businesses in the Shopping Centre. Over the years I have worked in many different service-based businesses in Island Bay and neighbouring suburbs. This has helped to build relationships and strengthen my connections with the community.

I have had a long-time involvement with the Island Bay Festival and was festival coordinator from 2013 – 2017, a very successful period in the history of the Festival.

I was part of a group of strong community women who organised the large public meeting back in 2014 attended by hundreds of Island Bay Residents. This gave me greater insight into building my awareness of some of the challenges our community has faced over the years.

With all this experience I feel that I have deep connections and roots within various areas of the community at large. I would be a great asset to the Resident’s Association with this extensive knowledge as Island Bay is a community of new and old residents with a variety of ideas about what would be good for the community’s future. As I am a strong communicator, that remains calm in all types of situations I believe I have the ability to help all voices be heard.

Vote for me if you want someone to represent the depths and the history of the community but that also has connections with the newer parts of Island Bay.

  • Nominated: Barry Brown
  • Seconded: Sylvia Moe

Lorraine Edwards

I have lived and worked in Wellington all my adult life and been a resident of Island Bay for 33 years and of Owhiro Bay for 12 years prior to moving to Island Bay. As a strong believer in contributing to my community, I have always been involved in community groups. Over the years I have been a member of many different community groups including Playcentre, Lions Club (25 years), Island Bay Garden Group (President for 10 years), Paekawakawa Reserve, Southern Bay Historical Association and the Island Bay Residents Association.

I am a Licenced Real Estate agent and for 11 years operated a Real Estate office in Island Bay under the auspices of Leaders (1987) Ltd. I now work from the Kilbirnie Branch of Ray White Leaders. It is my belief that Real Estate agents in particular should give back to their community – the community which has supported them in their business.

I have been privileged to be a member of IBRA for many years – including the Association when Robert Logan was President. I have agreed to be nominated for the next 12 months of IBRA and look forward to continuing my contribution, subject to being elected. It is exciting that so many new people have indicated their willingness to join the Committee and I wish them every success.

  • Nominated: Carole Inkster
  • Seconded: Heather Walker

Ben Everist

I’m Ben and I’m passionate about our suburb being the best place to Live, Work and Play in Wellington! My family and I have lived in Island Bay for the last 6 years.

My core values are Family, Whānau, Community, Fun and Fairness. Values that I would bring to being on the committee. When I’m not helping people with their property aspirations, I’m either parenting, renovating or running the kids to school or other activities. I’ve worked in sales, marketing, and business development across a range of fields, from public health to tech startups. I’ve played representative hockey at national and international level and I am a natural team player.

I believe we can do so much more as a connected and positive community and would love to contribute to our local Residents Association committee to be a part of this change.

  • Nominator: Geraldine Everist
  • Seconder: Scott De Graaf

Bruce Gadd

Bruce worked in the Public Service for 30 years working for 7 agencies mostly in Wellington but had two stints overseas in Hamburg and Milan. He has been involved in some large events including the 2011 Rugby World Cup, 2013 America’s Cup Challenge in San Francisco and 2015 Cricket World Cup. He now works part time for a Wellington-based consultancy company. He first lived in Island Bay from 1988 – 2004. Moved back to the Bay in 2019. Bruce loves being back near family and friends and enjoying all the benefits of the South Coast.

  • Nominated: Stewart Milner
  • Seconded: Barry Brown

Ruby Ghanem

I am a 17 year old and I have lived in Island Bay since 2007. I am very interested in politics and the community I live in. I have been a part of ModelUN in which we enact political policy which benefits everyone in the world.

I would really like to stand and participate in local issues for Island Bay.

  • Nominated: Fran Peters
  • Seconded: David Bolt

Sheila Hart

I have lived on Southgate road since 2014 and feel like I have found a little piece of paradise to call my home. I’m originally from the UK but moved to NZ in 2005.

I would like to see a more engaged, vibrant and connected community and feel that the Island Bay Residents Association has a fundamental role to play in achieving that. I have to confess over the last few years I disengaged from the Association due to a particular hot potato which often meant I felt uncomfortable and unwelcome at meetings. I’d like to help change that so that all in our community feel welcome and free to express their opinion in a safe place. This is key to bringing our community together.

I am a doctor working at Wellington Hospital and have had various management and committee/governance related roles over the years that have equipped me with many skills relevant for this role. In my free time I love spending time with my wee pooch, exploring the wealth of local trails on 2 feet or 2 wheels with a bit of yoga chucked in for balance.

  • Nominator – Kirsten Matheson
  • Seconder – Paul Dalley

Mark Henderwood

My community leadership is based at St Hilda’s Anglican Church, where we have taken the traditional vicar role and deliberately moved into a leadership team, encouraging engagement and participation. I take a similar approach in Chaplaincy at Massey.

My current Nursing work focuses on clinical education in intensive care environments.

My approach on the Committee would be to further enable IBRA to become a hub of enthusiasm that encourages and enables local community initiatives. A small group can achieve a lot, if it manages to gather and connect with the wider community to be involved. I’m all about collaborating to achieve this.

Our family has been in Island Bay for about 12 years and love it!

  • Nominator: Andrew Upton
  • Seconder: Elizabeth McLeod

Catherine Inder

My name is Catherine Inder and I am putting my name forward to stand for the Island Bay Residents Association Committee.

I have lived on The Parade, Island Bay for 14 years and love living here – in view of Te Waipounamu/ the South Island where I grew up (Te Waiharakeke/Marlborough).

I work for our DHBs in Newtown focused on growing and strengthening equitable, primary mental health and addiction services in our sub-region. In a former life, I was a lawyer providing representation mostly for people with complex issues as a consequence of both poverty and trauma. My family, work, and native garden have been my focus for the last decade but I have some time and energy now and I want to contribute more to our community.

Strong communities will help us weather coming storms. I would like to see a more consultative, representative, connected Island Bay Residents’ Association committed to good process, transparency and inclusivity. I want to contribute to collectively growing the Association’s influence and positive impact.

  • Nominated: Sarah Nightingale
  • Seconded: Polly O’Brien

Jelle Keizer

I’m Jelle. I have lived in Island Bay for a bit over four years. I think that Island Bay is a great suburb with amazing people. I’m a 16-year-old currently attending Wellington High School. I’m also a paddler on the school’s waka ama team and the lighting director at my school. I believe that I would bring a new perspective to the committee as a young person. I would really like to see Island Bay have a stronger community atmosphere and give everyone an equal opportunity to voice their opinions and views. And I think that begins with the residents’ association. For more than five years the cycleway has been a hot topic of debate amongst Island Bay residents, and I would like to see the association take a step back from cycleway-related debates.

  • Nominated: Jeltsje Keizer
  • Seconded: Stephen Day

Jeff McDonald

“It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility, and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children’s future.”

Robert F. Kennedy

When we arrived in Te Whanganui a-tara, colleagues threw names into a hat of where we should live…..

We were hoping for a place where we felt a part of a village where we would find manakitanga. Somewhere safe, friendly, inclusive and compassionate. The majority suggested Island Bay and we, indeed, found the village.

Ko Jeff toku ingoa. My whanau and I have lived here since 2013, in that time we have developed a network of amazing friends and established bonds of support and community.

I am a filmmaker with a focus on creating stories that deal with humanitarian issues and inequities. I have an education in science, communications, film and management. I have worked in public relations, community care, management, governance, film producing and directing. Recently I had the privilege of being the CEO of a charity for almost two years.

I see the ensuing challenges for Island Bay and Wellington being housing affordability and density, infrastructure, our natural environment, reduced opportunities, economic inequities, community support and connectedness.

As a committee member my goal will be to be collaborative, empathetic, consultative and connected with my local community. I strongly believe in supporting a community that celebrates our people, our diversity, mutual respect, heritage and culture.

I will represent the Island Bay Community with integrity, imagination and humour, having a positive impact for current and future residents.

My children have grown up here and I look forward to living here for many years to come. I am proud of my community and hope that I can contribute to the preservation of it’s mana.

  • Nominated by: Bridget Lyon
  • Seconded by: Janine Kerr

Sally Page

Ko Sally Page tōku ingoa. I have been living in Island Bay since early 2020, having moved back to Aotearoa when Covid hit China, where we had been living. I have also lived in Berhampore and was involved in the Berhampore Community Association. I work at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

I am passionate about being involved in one’s community, and as a mother of two – one at Island Bay Childcare and another at Island Bay School – I have a strong interest in helping develop a community in which children can explore safely and thrive. I am also passionate about looking after our environment and taking climate action. I believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and would love to help create a Residents’ Association that celebrates and reflects all the different cultures, ages, and views of our community. We have a beautiful place, and a great lifestyle, in ‘the Bay’ but we have some work to do to project that outwardly in a way that prioritises kotahitanga and manaakitanga.

If elected to the committee, I would bring my experience helping lift the level of community engagement in the Berhampore Community Association, as well as skills from my previous work as a diplomat in bringing together diverse people with diverse views.

I am a lover of the outdoors, and can often be seen riding with my kids through the village, hiking or running in the bush, or surfing at Lyall bay.

  • Nominated: Richard Clemo
  • Seconded: Sally Jackson

Richard Peters

My name is Richard Peters and I’m 42 years old.

I have lived in Wellington my whole life first living in Twomey Grove and then moving to Lyall Bay and my teenage years and finally moving to Island Bay 16 years ago after I married my lovely wife.

I work in IT and I love anything technological.

I met my wife while I was working at Wellington high school and we married in 2006 and have two boys aged 11 and 7 who both go to St Francis De Sales school.

I am currently volunteering at the scouts and cubs Hall up in Duper Street. And I am looking into becoming a Cubs leader.

I have volunteered and helped out Fran De Gregorio with the Island Bay festival in the past and have enjoyed getting out there and seeing what we can achieve when we pull together as a community.

I was an avid mountain biker when I was younger and still do a few tracks when I find the time.

I love living in the bay and really just want to get more involved in the community around me!

  • Nominated: Fran De Gregorio
  • Seconded: Fran Peters

Stevie Seddon

My name is Stevie Seddon. I am a long term resident of Island Bay and I previously owned a home with my mother in Bristol Street before heading over to Perth. I returned to Island Bay in 2019 and now rent a flat right amongst our local shops. I work in Finance for a software company and previously for education providers within the Faculty of Arts. I’m passionate about building relationships and communication. I enjoy running (especially around the gorgeous south coast) and like most, spending any free time catching up with family and friends. I am 34 and have 2 young children, one at Island Bay School and the other at Island Bay Childcare. I’m interested in being a part of the IBRA because I think we have a great community and I believe I could offer a different perspective from a group that’s perhaps not currently represented within the association.

  • Nominated: Bruce Gadd
  • Seconded: Liz Rai

Pat Vinaccia

I’ve lived in Island Bay all his life. I’m the very proud owner of the Empire Cinema which I run with my daughter Mia. I own a property company and for 25 years have developed various prominent buildings in the city. Previously I’ve been involved in the fishing industry and I’m of Italian heritage. I have 3 daughters and I very much enjoy golf, fishing, horse racing and spending time with my partner Karen and family.

  • Nominated: Barry Brown
  • Seconded: Rudra Rai

Chris Wratt

My name is Chris Wratt. I’ve lived in Island Bay for 17 years. I’m currently a teacher at St Francis de Sales School where I have been for 7 years and have previously taught at Island Bay school for the same amount of time.

For 5 years my wife Charlotte and I have held active roles in the Island Bay Football Club where our 3 kids- Xanthe (11), Will (14) and Toby (15yrs) are players.

In my spare time I love to mountain bike and get out in our boat to fish in Wellington Harbour and on the South Coast.

I believe that Island Bay is a very special community with a unique heritage and qualities.

I am seeking to be involved in the IBRA to do what I can to help to protect and develop ‘our place’.

  • Nominated: Fiona Cockerill-Ghanem
  • Seconded: Liz Rai

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